Sudden Strike 4 – European Battlefields Edition review (Xbox One)

The European Battlefields Edition of Sudden Strike 4 was just released by Kalypso and is now available on Xbox One – the first time Xbox gamers get to play a Sudden Strike game.

If there’s one thing that publishers like Kalypso and Paradox do better than pretty much every other medium to large publisher out there, it’s bringing PC-like gameplay experiences to console owners. Kalypso’s done it before with their management games like Tropico and Railway Empire, and now Sudden Strike 4 gives Xbox One owners a chance to play their excellent real time strategy game. Sure, the RTS market’s probably a lot smaller on Xbox, but with my PC history I was really excited to go hands on with Sudden Strike and the European Battlefields Edition.

More of a compilation rather than just a port of Sudden Strike 4, the European Battlefields Edition features all of the DLC content that was published post-release on Steam. This makes for excellent value for money, because if memory serves me right then you’re getting all the extra content included for the same price (or even less) that early buyers paid on PC – a nice form of compensation for the longer wait that Xbox owners had.

sudden strike 4a

Next to main game, which we reviewed last August (read more here), the Road to Dunkirk and Finland: Winter Storm addon campaigns are also included – as are a few maps that are exclusive to the Xbox version. While the addons provide additional story/campaign content, the exclusive maps are meant to be played as skirmish maps. This should add to the long term appeal of the game, for which I’d recommend playing through all the campaign content first. If you’re interested in what the DLC campaigns add, you might want to read our Finland: Winter Storm review that was published recently as well.

Aside from the switch to gamepad controls, Sudden Strike 4 on Xbox is very much the same game you can get on Steam. It’s a good fit for the console too as micromanagement is limited – especially compared to how a city builder like Cities: Skylines works on consoles. Perhaps, at least when played on an Xbox One X, was also flawless – smooth framerates and the same kind of little scenery details I saw earlier on the PC version.

If you don’t use a PC for gaming but fondly remember the RTS genre despite now owning an Xbox One, then Kalypso has you covered with this collection that not only offers a solid real time strategy experience, but also excellent value for money. Even today, PC owners would pay almost twice what you’re paying on Xbox for all this content.

Score: 8.0/10

sudden strike 4b

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