Let’s Sing 2019 review (PS4)

Ravenscourt’s Let’s Sing franchise returns with Let’s Sing 2019, now available on Playstation 4 and every Nintendo platform starting with the original Wii. We went the Sony route for this review.

As with the dancing genre, karaoke games have mostly disappeared from the release schedule. Singstar is still around, but has evolved into an online platform where you pay per song – there were two PS4 releases (including a PlayLink one) in the past five years, so it’s pretty far removed from the situation where they were churning out multiple discs per year.

Let’s Sing is still keeping an annual release schedule though, and Let’s Sing 2019 is a pretty good one, with both a decent soundtrack and solid and diverse gameplay options – some of which are completely new, making this more than just a yearly update.

let's sing 2019a

The tracklist, of course, will be a major reason people buy the game (or not), and 2019 has a nice diverse range of songs to select. Having just tested Just Dance 2019 it was nice to see a mix of both recent and classic songs, with the “oldies” going back all the way to ABBA as well as including 90s classics like No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak”. More recent hits include songs by Shawn Mendes, Rita Ora and Martin Garrix, just to name a few – and all the songs are in their original renditions (another plus over the tracklist in Just Dance, which features a bunch of covers).

The full playlist has 30 songs to choose from, but there is also a host of optional DLC content available to buy at launch – or you can go with the platinum edition to grab them all at once at a discount. If you prefer classic songs over today’s chart hits then this is something to look into, as most of the DLC packs highlight a certain era of music (there are two 80s packs and two 90s packs, for instance).

Let’s Sing 2019 supports all the usual suspects when it comes to controls – selecting songs is done with a regular gamepad, and the game supports pretty much any mic you can think of. All the ones we tried worked fine, and we ended up playing with a pair of PS2-era Singstar mics. If you don’t have a mic available, you can turn your smartphone into one using the Let’s Sing companion app for Android or iOS as well. Combine these control methods, and you can sing with four players at once. That’s right, you can be all the members of ABBA. The game recognizes your (lack of) vocal input as well, which translates to being able to jump into the action mid-song, which is a nice touch.

let's sing 2019

In addition to the classic mode of picking a song and heading straight for the singing portion of the game (either solo or with friends), Let’s Sing 2019 also features an updated “Mix Tape 2.0” option, which creates the kind of mashups that became so popular with the Pitch Perfect movies. The mix tapes are randomized, so the game will theoretically throw something new at you every time you play and you’re guaranteed to be caught off guard by some of the transitions. Not a big fan of surprises? The updated mode also gives you the option to select your own list of five songs to mash together.

Though many will play these karaoke titles for their local multiplayer fun, online leaderboards are a big part of Let’s Sing 2019. In addition to just uploading your highest scores from the classic mode, you can also do a “head to head” where you try to best another individual’s score in what’s more or less a duel (although you’re not singing at the same time). If you’re competitive, and/or don’t have others to play with when you feel the urge, this is a great mode that keeps you going by showing how you’re climbing the rankings as you improve and beat others.

Let’s Sing 2019 is an extremely well-rounded karaoke package, especially if you don’t already have something like Singstar installed (and maybe already own some of the songs). Immediately getting 30 songs to play with, especially since it’s a quality mix you can engage with in a multitude of ways, makes Let’s Sing 2019 one of the better karaoke release we’ve seen in years.

Score: 8.2/10

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