Everybody’s Golf VR review (PSVR)

A VR-based take on everyone’s favorite casual golf game on the PS4, Everybody’s Golf VR is Clap Hanz’ virtual reality take on a Playstation exclusive franchise that’s been running for quite a while now. How does it fare on Playstation VR?

To avoid any possible confusion – Everybody’s Golf VR is not a DLC offering or upgrade for the existing game, it’s a fresh take on the game that’s also exclusive to Playstation VR and can’t be played without said VR headset. Perhaps surprisingly, support for the Dualshock controller is still included – but Move controls are much preferred for a better sense of immersion, even though familiar tracking issues with Sony’s almost 10 year old hardware do occur from time to time.

everybody's golf vr2

Besides the new VR perspective, the controls are the biggest novelty in Everybody’s Golf VR – and why the Move controllers are such a good fit. Getting comfortable with them is something you can do on the game’s brand new driving range – allowing you all the time in the world to get somewhat decent at your shots so that an actual round of holes doesn’t becoming too frustrating. Speed, aim and motion all matter, and it’s thrilling when you make all three elements come together. Besides mastering your long range shots, you can also get a lot of practice in on your putting and approach shots – which obviously feel a little different.

A good amount of practice is absolutely necessary as well, as Everybody’s Golf VR’s cartoon-like visuals can be deceiving as this is quite a challenging title. A part of that is down to mastering the controls, but course design is also a factor. Clap Hanz definitely wasn’t afraid to get creative with the VR version of their golf title, and they make excellent use of the sense of scale and height that VR can offer. NPCs (like your caddies and the animals that roam in the background) have been well designed and animated, turning the game into a lively and fun experience.

everybody's golf vr

What helps is that you gradually unlock more and more content as well, although Everybody’s Golf VR is still relatively bare bones – and has a price tag to match. It’s a game that’s easy to come back to for a few rounds here and there, but if you’re coming from another golfing franchise then you might be disappointed at the lack of content here – and that’s including mirrored versions of existing holes.

The shift to VR also means that Everybody’s Golf is less of a social experience – you’re mostly playing solo and your interactions are either with the game’s AI caddies or, very indirectly, other players whose score end up on the leaderboard. So, for the added fun that VR brings to the franchise, Everybody’s Golf VR also loses a bit of that casual multiplayer action in the process. Nevertheless, it’s a solid VR take on a beloved franchise and definitely worth its budget price.

Score: 7.6/10

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