Arizona Sunshine – The Damned DLC review (PSVR)

Arizona Sunshine from Vertigo Games received its second paid story DLC add-on called The Damned, which is out now for every system that has the base game. We checked it out on Playstation VR.

It’s been over two years since we reviewed Arizona Sunshine for Playstation VR, and it remains one of our favorite shooters for the platform so far. It’s also great when used with the Playstation Aim controller, which is also supported in this new expansion, which runs for about one to two hours and is priced accordingly (at 5 Euros/Dollars).

The Damned, for those who enjoy a good zombie-themed pun, takes place around a dam in the state of Arizona – with events that act as a prequel to those in the core game (and the first DLC, Dead Man). You set out with a team of special forces to reactivate the generators inside a dam, only to find out it’s completely overrun with hordes of the undead. It doesn’t take long for you to end up all on your own either, though you still have radio communication with your superior from time to time.

arizona sunshine - the damned2

The new expansion makes good use of the verticality of the dam that’s central to the story, requiring you to scale its heights, traverse the top and finally venture inside. This creates a few good and diverse moments, as the open expanse of the top of the dam offers a very different dynamic than the claustrophobic and dimly lit interior of the structure.

Visually, Arizona Sunshine isn’t the best looking shooter out there (Vertigo’s own upcoming After the Fall is a step up in that sense), and The Damned looks very similar to the base game. The same can be said about the gameplay, making this a case of “more of the same” wrapped in a DLC package. That’s not an issue if you enjoyed the original game though, and because we did we were happy to have the opportunity to dive back in for an hour or two.

People might argue the DLC is short on content on account of length, but when you consider the price this is a non-issue for us. Extrapolate to a campaign four times as long and you’re looking at a 6 to 8 hour campaign for 20 Dollars/Euros – absolutely reasonable if you ask me. So if you enjoyed Arizona Sunshine, be sure to pick this up for an extended experience.

arizona sunshine - the damned3

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