Super Destronaut: Land Wars review (Vita)

Released for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well, we tested the Playstation Vita version of Super Destronaut: Land Wars. It comes bundled with the PS4 version as part of a cross-buy, and is being developed and published by Petite Games and Ratalaika.

If you think that Super Destronaut is a familiar name, you’re not mistaken. Super Destronaut DX was released almost two years ago and was a Space Invaders clone with colorful neon-infused graphics, and Land Wars is a spin-off title based on that game.

Shifting perspective from a traditional 2D arcade shooter to a 3D first person shooter, Super Destronaut: Land Wars is a simple arena-based single player shooter with a number of gameplay modes to help pass the time for an hour or two, and brings the pixel-based aliens from the first game to a 3D environment for a sense of deja vu.

super destronaut land wars

The core gameplay mode in Super Destronaut: Land Wars is a series of challenge-based missions, in which your task is to reach a certain score, kill a certain number of enemies or earn enough money (to buy a weapon). While the objective changes, the actual gameplay doesn’t and sees you running around a small level (usually in a circle) to kill the enemies that spawn until you reach the desired score.

Do so in a limited amount of time, and you earn a medal – with better medals for faster times. In most cases these won’t prove much of a challenge, but in some levels the enemies just don’t spawn quick enough to earn that coveted gold medal. You can skip past these and still earn the required number for all the trophies associated with this gameplay mode though, so not to worry.

super destronaut land wars3

In addition, the game has five different ‘arcade’ modes, which all change the game’s mechanics is subtle ways. One requires you to keep up your multiplier score, another makes you slower and disables jumping, and yet another arms you with missiles right away. It’s fun to see a bit of diversity, but my main issue was that most modes are simply too easy to play – I eventually found myself just standing still so I could get killed off after I had gotten bored of doing the same thing again and again.

As with many Ratalaika Games, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to unlock the associated trophies, and I got my platinum within the hour. With a limited amount of gameplay diversity there’s little reason to keep playing after that, but I did find it impressive to see a first person shooter realized on the Vita again – it’d been a few years since I played one. Killzone this is not, but it’s nice to see an indie studio branch out like this even if the end result is mostly interesting for trophy hunters.

Score: 5.8/10

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