Dash Dash World review (Quest)

Underlining that VR has really become a global phenomenon, Dash Dash World is an Oculus exclusive kart racer hailing from MOTIONX Studio, which is based in Thailand. Very much inspired by the likes of Mario Kart, we were curious how the experience would translate to the Quest.

We’ve seen a few VR kart racers already, and even reviewed VR Karts and Touring Karts when they came out. Both were PSVR titles, and it’s nice to see that – visually speaking – Dash Dash World looks every bit as detailed as those games did despite running on the Quest. In fact, I’d say that it’s possibly the best looking of the bunch, as VR Karts was relatively plain to look at and Dash Dash World has nicely animated courses with plenty to look at in the background.

dash dash world

It’s visually closer to Touring Karts, and that holds true for the gameplay as well, which features plenty of wacky pick-ups and weapons you can use against others. There’s a good variety of items to use, ranging from short range weapons you can use to smack an opponent in the face to long range ones you fire at someone just down the course from you. There are also defensive measures, that protect you from the attacks of others – nothing new if you’ve played a kart racer in the past 25+ years.

The controls take a little getting used to, because the Quest uses its touch controllers rather than a standard gamepad solution. As a result, you’re using a thumbstick to drive and motion controls for your pick-ups, but you can also switch to an option where both hands “hold” the steering wheel and you use motion controls for the actual driving as well. Not actually physically holding something makes this feel a little weird, and I wish there were accessories to make things like this feel more natural – something similar to what you can get for the Switch, for example.

dash dash world3

There’s a tutorial that teaches you the controls, but getting comfortable with them takes time – as does learning the ins and outs of each weapon type. Outside of racing, you’ll also find options to visually customize your vehicle and driver – with more options unlocking as you go along. I didn’t find this particularly useful because of the first person perspective, but those who enjoy getting creative and showing off to others will certainly enjoy the option – Dash Dash World supports online multiplayer

The usual gameplay modes are all included, with an offline practice mode as well as a story campaign that even includes a bit of narrative for each of the characters. There’s a very limited track selection available at the moment though, but the developers have indicated that more (than the 7 currently there) are coming. If those end up being free, which we’re assuming they will be, this will be a fun kart racer on the Quest despite the control restrictions.

Score: 7.0/10

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