DLC roundup: King of Fighters XV, Justice Sucks, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed & Redout 2

It’s not just about new games – we also like to revisit slightly older ones when they receive new content. We’re doing that today with King of Fighters XV, Justice Sucks, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed and Redout 2.

King of Fighters XV’s new Fighter Pass Season is underway

It’s been about a year since we reviewed King of Fighters XV, and the SNK fighter is still going strong. In fact, a brand new season pass that focuses exclusively on adding additional characters to the game just launched. Considering that the base game already had 39 characters on the roster and others have been launched in the past year, this pass will push the roster well past 50 fighters. Available for all systems, it will contain six fighters, the first of which has already been released.

And while the upcoming release of Kim Kaphwan as the second character has already been revealed, the other four are as of yet unannounced. Kim’s a returning character of King of Fighters XIV though, so she will feel familiar to fans as that was also a 3D entry within the franchise – which can build on close to 100 characters from almost three decades of games. From that perspective, we wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the pack also features familiar names.


The character that’s already available is Shingo Yabuki, who is another returning character but hasn’t been featured since King of Fighters XI, which is well over fifteen years old at this point. That means it’s Shingo’s first foray into the 3D era of the franchise, and it’s a huge leap forward. With additional costumes, more animations, character-specific intros/endings and a slightly revised fighting style, it’s nice to see Shingo again. He’s still a character who can make good use of critical hits, so if that suits your playing style you’ll want to check him out while we wait for other characters to drop.

Justice Sucks receives free Vacuum of Space DLC

Developed by Samurai Punk and published by tinyBuild, JUSTICE SUCKS: Tactical Vacuum Action is a hilarious (though very violent) take on the stealth action genre – one in which you take control of a robot vacuum cleaner who’s out for blood. To make matters even more bizarre, the whole thing is set against the backdrop of a visual theme set in the 90s – a place where you ended up after being sucked into a parallel dimension inside of a television set. You grow stronger by sucking up their blood, but it’s all coming from a good place – you’re wanting to protect your family.


The new (and free!) story chapter that was just received is called Vacuum of Space, and unfolds as an epilogue to the main game in which you get sent to a space station to once again make sure your family can live happily ever after. This new environment comes with new challenges though, which include new traps and an entire clone army – bringing a sci-fi aesthetic to the game that fits the ‘robo vacuum on a rampage’ theme quite well.

It’s great to see developers reward players with rich content like this, because Vacuum of Space isn’t just a bunch of new levels thrown together but includes entirely new mechanics and elements, and even has additional story and dialogue, making it a must-play for those who played and enjoyed the story. Justice Sucks is a bit of a hidden game, but just got better with this new DLC.

Brand new map and ghost type for Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed in free DLC

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed arrived just in time for Halloween last year, but developer IllFonic is keeping the paranormal action going with a (proton blaster?) stream of post-launch content drops. They recently launched one, and to make it even better it’s absolutely free for anyone who has the base game.

We’ve been having a blast with the new update, and quickly found out that it’s more than just a pack of cosmetic content too. Our favorite was that a new ghost type was included, called the Glutton. These come in three versions, the most well-known being the Muncher – the big blue ghost that appeared in Ghostbusters: Afterlife.


There’s some new gear as well, but the other big highlight is the Moros Medical Facility that makes up the new map for the game. It’s an abandoned (and therefore creepy) hospital setting that was closed way back in the 1980, and if that wasn’t enough to make it like rather haunting it’s also been home to paranormal activity lately. When playing as a ghost, we all loved hiding in the morgue just to see if that would make things a tiny bit less inviting for a squad of Ghostbusters, but whichever side you play on this is some great free content and we can’t wait to see what IllFonic will add next.

Redout 2 – Winter Pack DLC

It feels like gravity racers come in waves. We haven’t had a Wipeout game in ages, but then all of a sudden we had Redout 2, GRiP and Pacer come out. Redout 2 is the most recent one of the bunch, and launched back in June. The season pass included two track packs, dubbed the Summer Pack and the Winter Pack. The latter just launched, and is set in the Terror Rupes environment. It features three new tracks, a boss track, 28 career events and a host of cosmetic options.


Set on the planet of Mercury, these new tracks are visually striking and fun to play – there are plenty of jumps that allow you to go airborne and course correct yourself, so these are definitely for the more experienced players out there. What’s also a nice touch is that these tracks feature wildly different environments – from scorching heat that’ll cause you to quickly overheat to really cold areas in the shadows that allow you to pump those turbo boosts safely.

It’s great to see the ongoing support for this game, and we’re hoping there’s more coming now that the season pass is complete (the summer pack released last year). We’re also still hoping for a local multiplayer update, though perhaps that’s more likely to be included in a possible sequel.

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