Developer interview: Eresys

There’s no shortage of games coming out on Steam, but sometimes there’s one that ends up catching your eye. The Shore was one of those games, and developer Ares Dragonis – together with Dragonis Games – has been getting ready to release their new game Eresys on April 20th. It was already available in Early Access and we caught up with the developer to find out more.

Can you tell us a little about Eresys and what players can expect from the game?

Eresys is an online co-op horror game that thrusts players into a Lovecraftian universe where teamwork is essential. As a cultist, your primary objective is to rid areas of the terrifying Lovecraftian entities that are infesting them. Eresys places a heavy emphasis on horror, featuring a variety of chilling mechanics to keep players on edge, including stealth. While it is possible to play alone, the experience is enhanced when playing with friends. Get ready to face your fears and enter a world where the line between madness and reality is razor-thin.

How does Eresys differ from your previous game, The Shore?

Eresys marks a departure from our previous game, The Shore, in a few significant ways. While The Shore was a single-player experience, Eresys is an online co-op horror game that encourages players to work together to overcome its Lovecraftian terrors. Eresys also places a stronger emphasis on horror and suspense, with a variety of mechanics designed to keep players on edge. In contrast, The Shore was more of an exploration-driven game with a slower pace and a focus on narrative. However, fans of The Shore will find that Eresys shares its predecessor’s attention to detail, with a richly realized world filled with eerie and atmospheric details.


What inspired you to create Eresys, and what were some of the biggest challenges you faced during development?

When I was creating The Shore, I always had the idea of making a co-op online version of it. However, since it was my first game, it wasn’t easy to jump straight into developing a more complex project. After the release of The Shore, we learned a lot and acquired the necessary skills to create Eresys, which we plan to continuously expand with new maps and content.

One of the biggest challenges we faced during the development of Eresys was creating a cohesive and immersive Lovecraftian universe, while also ensuring that the gameplay mechanics were fun and challenging for players. Additionally, since we are a smaller team, managing time and resources effectively was also a challenge, but we were able to overcome it by being efficient and focused.

The art style and atmosphere of Eresys seems very unique – can you talk about the visual and audio style and the design choices you made for the game?

The art style and atmosphere of Eresys are essential elements of the game that we’ve carefully crafted to immerse players in the Lovecraftian horror universe. I wanted to create a unique and unsettling visual and audio style that would keep players on edge throughout the game. My design choices were inspired by Lovecraft’s stories and the aesthetics of horror movies, and we wanted to make sure that the game felt like a true horror experience.

The color palette of the game is dominated by greens and blues, which create a cold and eerie atmosphere. We wanted to give players the feeling of being isolated and alone in a hostile world, where danger could be lurking around every corner.

The audio design of the game is also crucial to building tension and creating a sense of dread. Overall, we wanted to create a unique and immersive horror experience that would keep players on the edge of their seats from start to finish. We believe that the art style and atmosphere of Eresys are essential to achieving this goal.


What can players expect in terms of gameplay mechanics and progression?

Players will begin in the lobby area where they can group up, check their collectables in the library, and get ready for their mission. Once they’re prepared, they’ll speak to the boat driver to be transported to an island where they’ll find resources and guidance in the starting area. Higher-ranked cultists will give players their mission, which involves restoring the book of the order and gathering blood from those who have been killed by the Lovecraftian entities.

In order to survive, players will need to carry lanterns crafted by the cult that provide protection from the creatures. They’ll also need to collect the blood and use it to create blood spheres, which are essential for the final ritual to banish the otherworldly entities. As players progress through the game, they’ll encounter increasingly challenging enemies and obstacles that will require them to work together and strategize in order to succeed.

How important was player feedback during the development of Eresys, and did any changes or adjustments come about as a result of player feedback?

As part of our development process, we had a dedicated team of beta testers who rigorously tested our game and provided us with valuable feedback. We took their feedback into account and made numerous fixes and adjustments to improve the game’s overall quality.

Moreover, we strongly believe in the importance of community involvement in the game development process. We have an open and receptive attitude towards our community’s feedback and suggestions, and we actively seek out ways to incorporate them into our development roadmap. Our community is a vital part of our game development process, and we’re committed to creating a game that they will enjoy and love to play.


The Shore received mostly positive reviews – did this feedback influence the development of Eresys in any way?

Yes, the positive feedback and constructive criticism we received for The Shore definitely influenced the development of Eresys. We listened closely to the feedback from our community and used it to improve our design choices, mechanics, and overall gameplay experience.

One example of this is the implementation of co-op gameplay in Eresys, which was inspired by feedback from players who enjoyed playing The Shore but wished it had a multiplayer aspect. Additionally, we took note of players’ preferences for certain aspects of The Shore’s visuals and audio, and incorporated those elements into the design of Eresys.

Overall, we’re grateful for the feedback we received for The Shore, and we believe that it helped us to create an even better game in Eresys.

Are there any plans for post-release content or updates for Eresys?

Yes, we have plans for post-release content and updates for Eresys. We want to continue to expand the game with new maps, enemies, mechanics, and other features that will keep players engaged and excited about the game. We also plan to listen closely to our community and take their feedback into account when deciding what new content and updates to add. Additionally, we will be regularly releasing patches and bug fixes to ensure that the game runs smoothly and that players have the best possible experience.

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