Trinity Trigger review (PS4)

Trinity Trigger is a JRPG developed by FURYU Corporation and published by Marvelous. The game is set in a world where a mysterious event called the “Great Collapse” caused the collapse of civilizations and the emergence of new, fantastical creatures. The player takes on the role of a “Hunter,” a person tasked with exploring the world and fighting these new creatures. Here’s our take on the PS4 version.

The plot of Trinity Trigger is relatively simple, but it manages to draw the player in with its likable cast of characters and well-written dialogue. The main character, Kaito, is a somewhat typical JRPG protagonist, but he’s given a unique twist with his ability to communicate with the monsters he fights. Along with Kaito, the player meets a variety of other characters, each with their own distinct personality and backstory.


One of the best elements about Trinity Trigger is its gameplay, which has been heavily inspired by SNES-era RPG games. The game is a mix of RPG and action, with real-time combat and exploration. The battles are fast-paced and require the player to think on their feet, as different monsters have different weaknesses and behaviors. The exploration is also well done, with plenty of secrets and hidden areas to discover. The game also features a crafting system, allowing the player to create and upgrade weapons and armor.

While the combat is fun, Trinity Trigger can also be needlessly challenging in places – especially because some of your support characters don’t appear to be too keen on surviving the fight you’re in. This can cause some frustration, particularly early on as the combat system takes some getting used to, and the player will likely taste defeat a few times before really getting the hang of it. Additionally, some of the puzzles and exploration sections can be frustrating, particularly if the player misses a key item or clue.


The game starts off strong, with an exciting opening sequence and plenty of action. However, as the game progresses, the pacing slows down a bit. The player is often required to backtrack to previous areas, which can become tedious. Additionally, some of the side quests and optional content feels like filler, rather than adding to the overall experience – and some relatively bland dungeon designs don’t help.

Despite these issues, there are plenty of positives to Trinity Trigger. The game’s graphics are lovely, with detailed environments and character designs making for a 3D spin on the classic 2D SNES formula. The music is also well done, with a variety of catchy tunes that fit the game’s atmosphere. The voice acting, while not perfect, is also solid, with each character having a unique voice that suits their personality.

Overall, Trinity Trigger is a solid JRPG that offers a unique mix of action and RPG elements. While the game has its flaws, particularly in terms of difficulty and pacing, it’s still a fun and engaging experience. Fans of the genre should definitely give it a try.

Score: 7.4/10

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