Another Fisherman’s Tale review (Quest)

Another Fisherman’s Tale is a highly anticipated VR adventure game, a sequel to the award-winning “A Fisherman’s Tale.” Developed by InnerspaceVR, it is available on Quest, PSVR2, and Steam. As with the first game, this one features immersive storytelling, mind-bending VR puzzle mechanics, and stunning visual and audio effects – we checked it out on the Quest 2.

The game revolves around the protagonist, Bob, who is on a quest to uncover the truth about his past. As he journeys through different locations, he must solve puzzles using his own body, which creates unconventional gameplay. Rather than mostly relying on changes in perspective, the new primary puzzle mechanics is all about dismantling and reinventing oneself, which requires the player to detach and control their body parts or replace them with new attachments found throughout the world.


One of the major positives of Another Fisherman’s Tale is its unique and engaging gameplay – a subtle evolution on what came before. The game offers a fresh and immersive experience that challenges players to think outside the box. The VR mechanics make it feel like the player is actually present in the game world, allowing for a more interactive and exciting experience that wouldn’t work nearly as well on a flat screen. The puzzles are generally not too difficult, but they do require a certain level of creativity and problem-solving skills to solve.

Another positive aspect of the game is its charming visual style and the audio effects. The colorful and vivid artwork, combined with the excellent sound design, creates an immersive and captivating experience. The game’s world is beautifully crafted, with each location having its own unique environment and atmosphere.

In terms of negatives, some players might find the game to be relatively short. Another Fisherman’s Tale can be completed in a few hours, which might not be enough for some players. Additionally, some might find the puzzles to be too easy if they’re used to thinking out of the box (as with the first game), which could make the game less challenging for some players.


Compared to its predecessor, Another Fisherman’s Tale introduces several new elements to the gameplay, making it feel like a fresh and exciting experience even though it still feels familiar. The game has more locations to explore, which adds more variety to the game world. Additionally, the game’s visual storytelling and unique puzzle mechanics create another immersive and engaging experience that’ll appeal to fans of the first game.

In summary, Another Fisherman’s Tale is a captivating and engaging VR adventure game that offers a nice creative take on the novel mechanics of the first game. The game’s mind-bending VR puzzle mechanics, stunning visual and audio effects, and storytelling make it a worthwhile experience for VR enthusiasts. While the game might be relatively short and the puzzles too easy for some, it still offers an enjoyable and entertaining experience that is definitely worth playing, and a must-play for those who enjoyed A Fisherman’s Tale.

Score: 8.0/10

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