Port roundup: Dungeon Munchies, OmegaBot, Neon Souls & Headbangers in Holiday Hell

We regularly see interesting games pop up on consoles that started out elsewhere. With Dungeon Munchies, OmegaBot, Neon Souls and Headbangers in Holiday Hell, we’re looking at four of them today. Continue reading “Port roundup: Dungeon Munchies, OmegaBot, Neon Souls & Headbangers in Holiday Hell”

Developer interview: Broken Roads

During Gamescom in August, one of the signs that the industry was opening back up a little was running into a development team that flew in all the way from Australia. The team at Drop Bear Bytes is working with publisher Versus Evil on Broken Roads, which is a narrative-driven RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Australia and includes exploration, strategic turn-based combat and an interesting morality system that promises to offer players ‘meaningful philosophical choices’. As we’re looking forward to some of the most interesting titles of 2023, we checked in with the team to find out more, and spoke to Game Director Craig Ritchie and Narrative Director Leanne Taylor-Giles. Continue reading “Developer interview: Broken Roads”