LEGO’s Creative Building Blocks review

As a brand that’s been around since 1949, there are few of us who haven’t grown up with the famous building blocks in one way or another – even today’s grandparents played with them as kids, and thus will fondly look at them when considering gift ideas for the holidays. Can LEGO still ignite the creative spark that we remember from our childhood? We took a look at specific set that was designed just for that purpose. Continue reading “LEGO’s Creative Building Blocks review”

Owly (Bigben Kids) review

For years, we knew Bigben as a publisher of videogame franchises like the WRC games, Tennis World Tour and Sherlock Holmes. The name vanished from the public eye when it changed to Nacon, but now it’s back with its Bigben Kids label – bringing innovative tech to toys for kids. We take a look at one of their new products today by checking out the Owly, a combination of a night light, story projector and music player. Continue reading “Owly (Bigben Kids) review”