Indie developer spotlight: Miika Pihkala

This year has seen a record number of digital conferences emerge, often replacing physical editions for obvious reasons. One example of this is Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki, which took place earlier this month and provided a great way for us to connect with developers and learn about their craft and upcoming projects. We (virtually) ran into Miika Pihkala (Mlyst) there as well, a part-time indie developer from Finland with an interesting story to tell. We’re sharing it with you here. Continue reading “Indie developer spotlight: Miika Pihkala”

Developer interview: Gwen Frey (Lab Rat)

One of last year’s most charming puzzle games was Kine, a game that featured unique movement and puzzle mechanics set against a narrative backdrop of musical instruments hoping to make it to the big stage. Gwen Frey, who developed Kine, is now working on Lab Rat – and we got in touch to ask about its development, what to expect and how working on an indie title is different from Gwen’s previous work on franchises like Bioshock. Continue reading “Developer interview: Gwen Frey (Lab Rat)”

Indie Interview: Innchanted (EuroPlay)

Last month’s EuroPlay contest was a lovely gathering of indie developers from all over Europe. But as with the EuroVision song contest, it also included a contestant all the way from Australia. Innchanted by DragonBear Studios represented ‘the land down under’ during the event, and even though it was the middle of the night for them we had a chance to talk to lead artist Susan Dang during the live event. We later followed up with Creative Director Paulina Samy to find out more about the game and how it’s being developed, which resulted in the following interview about this family-friendly genre-blender. Continue reading “Indie Interview: Innchanted (EuroPlay)”

Developer interview – Ary and the Secret of Seasons

Amidst all of the news coming out of Gamescom last week, we also saw the release of Ary and the Secret of Seasons. We reviewed the game earlier, but also had the opportunity to catch up with Sebastien Le Touze, CEO & Game Designer for the game at eXiin Games, which is based out of Belgium and helped develop the game for publisher Modus Games. Continue reading “Developer interview – Ary and the Secret of Seasons”

Indie Interviews: Kissy Kissy! (Gamescom)

When people talk about why they enjoy the indie scene, very often you’ll hear them talking about how they enjoy that the games are different from bigger productions in how they’re more personal and charming. That’s rarely been more true than in the case of Kissy Kissy, a charming little indie title featuring and aimed at younger children, who in the game run away from monsters trying to kiss them. We talked to dr. Constance Fleuriot from Pretty Digital during UKIE’s EuroPlay event, and later followed up so we could bring you this last entry in our series of Gamescom-related Indie Interviews. Here’s a look at Kissy Kissy, which can be found at and through @kissykissygame through Twitter and Instagram. Continue reading “Indie Interviews: Kissy Kissy! (Gamescom)”