Developer interview: Rosewater (Gamescom)

Gamescom is always full of new game announcements and updates on eagerly anticipated titles, both big and small. It’s also especially interesting if you enjoy niche genres like classic adventure gaming, which is always well represented in Germany. This year’s all-digital edition was no different, and one game that we’re looking forward to is Rosewater, a spin-off of the successful adventure game Lamplight City that was released on Steam back in 2018. We got in touch with developer Francisco González, the man behind Grundislav Games – here’s our interview with him about his work and what to expect from Rosewater. Continue reading “Developer interview: Rosewater (Gamescom)”

Developer interview: Gumbo Machine (Vita)

We’re spending a lot of time focusing on the PlayStation Vita this week, with reviews of the very last (digital) games for the platform as well as chats with some developers. Today’s interview is with Benjamin Kapferer, lead developer for Gumbo Machine, which brought two games to the Vita in 2021 with Battle Rockets and Ultra Mission. Continue reading “Developer interview: Gumbo Machine (Vita)”

Developer interview: YUKI

We all fondly remember ARVORE’s groundbreaking Pixel Ripped VR games, but now they’re back with YUKI, a brand new VR title that blends bullet hell and roguelike mechanics. We got in touch with KAKO, a production designer and creative director at ARVORE, to learn more. KAKO ( is an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Continue reading “Developer interview: YUKI”

Developer interview: The Protagonist: EX-1

The Protagonist: EX-1 is an upcoming sci-fi RPG with turn-based combat where first contact with an alien race goes a little less well than hoped. It’s currently in Early Access on Steam, and we got in touch with the developers at 3Mind Games to learn more. Continue reading “Developer interview: The Protagonist: EX-1”