Sociable Soccer – an update from Jon Hare

It’s been over a year since Sociable Soccer went into early access on Steam and we previewed it. Lately, much of the news has been about the game heading to China for a mobile release, leaving the community wondering what will happen to the PC and potential console versions. We got in touch with Jon Hare, designer of both the immortal classic Sensible Soccer and Sociable Soccer, to find out more. Continue reading “Sociable Soccer – an update from Jon Hare”

Steel Division 2 preview (Gamescom)

Steel Division II builds on the solid foundations of Steel Division: Normandy ’44. Eugen Systems, known for their Wargame and Act of War series prior to Steel Division, is self-publishing the sequel after going through Paradox for the first one. We got a sneak peak at this year’s Gamescom – here’s the report. Continue reading “Steel Division 2 preview (Gamescom)”