Red Matter review (PSVR)

Red Matter, Vertical Robot’s acclaimed VR puzzle adventure, was only just announced for Playstation VR very recently with a tweet last week – which made sure we didn’t have to wait long to play it. It’s out now in Europe and heading to the US next week, and we jumped at the chance to explore it and write this review. Continue reading “Red Matter review (PSVR)”

Arca’s Path review (PSVR)

Rebellion’s next take on virtual reality is here, after Battlezone offered an early glimpse of what Playstation VR could deliver. Arca’s Path was developed by a team of people who previously worked on Playstation VR Worlds and the wonderful but underappreciated Wonderbook series for the PS4. Arca’s Path is also out on Steam, but we only played the PS4 version. Continue reading “Arca’s Path review (PSVR)”