Sonic Colours: Ultimate review (PS4)

As far as gaming mascots go, Sonic is one of the most iconic ones out there, and since Sega stopped making consoles he’s branched out to nearly every platform out there. Now, to help mark the hedgehog’s 30th anniversary, a new and enhanced version of Sonic Colours is out – a game that originally launched in 2010 for the Wii. We tested Sonic Colour: Ultimate on a PlayStation 4 Pro. Continue reading “Sonic Colours: Ultimate review (PS4)”

Life is Strange: True Colors review (PS5)

Out for nearly every platform out there, including Stadia and the Switch, Life Is Strange: True Colors returns to the formula pioneered by Dontnod with a brand new setting and story, leaving the episodic nature of previous entries behind. We played the PlayStation 5 version. Continue reading “Life is Strange: True Colors review (PS5)”

Release roundup: Arboria, Reshaping Mars & Family Trainer

As we’re entering a season full of big profile releases, we’re not losing sight of some of the smaller games out there. Today, we’re taking a look at the recent 1.0 release of Arboria, the Early Access release of Reshaping Mars and the exercise-centered Family Trainer for the Switch. Continue reading “Release roundup: Arboria, Reshaping Mars & Family Trainer”