GRIP: Combat Racing Launches VR Update

When we heard about this a few days ago, we figured it was one of those “too good to be true” bits of news – GRIP: Combat Racing getting VR support. After all, it’s launching on April 1st. Turns out it’s actually real though, and you can find more details on the Steam page. Check out the full press release (and trailer) below: Continue reading “GRIP: Combat Racing Launches VR Update”

Control – The Foundation DLC review (PS4)

Remedy’s Control was one of 2019’s best and most memorable games, and publisher 505 Games has just released the first major expansion for the game – dubbed The Foundation, it was a chance to dive back into this game that we couldn’t pass up. Continue reading “Control – The Foundation DLC review (PS4)”

Gigantosaurus The Game review (Switch)

If your kids are not watching The Disney Channel or Disney+ then you might not be familiar with Gigantosaurus but since it launched about a year ago it’s been quite the hit show for kids around five to six years of age. Now, Outright has released a videogame adaptation that was developed by Wildsphere. It’s out for PC as well as all major consoles, and we’re testing the Switch version. Continue reading “Gigantosaurus The Game review (Switch)”