Drowning / Planet RIX-13 reviews (Vita)

Earlier this year, two indie titles made it to the Playstation Vita that escaped are gaze at first – Drowning and Planet RIX-13. Both were ported to the Vita by Sometimes You, previously responsible for a series of Vita ports that include Save the Ninja Clan, It’s Spring Again, Alteric and Spiral Splatter. How did these two new releases turn out? Continue reading “Drowning / Planet RIX-13 reviews (Vita)”

Daggerhood review (Vita)

It’s still only March, but I doubt there is going to be a publisher that is going to pass Ratalaika in terms of how many Vita titles they put out. Daggerhood is their latest, and it’s also out for Nintendo’s Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4 – both Sony versions come bundled as a cross-buy purchase. Here’s our look at the Vita version. Continue reading “Daggerhood review (Vita)”