Mothergunship: Forge review (Quest)

Terrible Posture Games released their bullet hell first person shooter Mothergunship about four years ago, and now they’ve back with a VR adaptation of their game. Here are our thoughts on Mothergunship: Forge, which is out now for PC-VR headsets and the Quest 2, on which we tested. Continue reading “Mothergunship: Forge review (Quest)”

DLC roundup: Jurassic World Evolution 2, The Elder Scrolls Online & Ragnarock

Sometimes the most enjoyable thing to do is to return to an existing favorite with brand new content. Here’s a look at new content for Jurassic World Evolution 2, The Elder Scrolls Online and Ragnarock. Continue reading “DLC roundup: Jurassic World Evolution 2, The Elder Scrolls Online & Ragnarock”

Ticket to Ride: San Francisco review

The Ticket to Ride franchise is one of most popular and recognizable names in board gaming, and today Asmodee and Days of Wonder announced the imminent release of Ticket to Ride: San Francisco. More than just a re-skin of the existing games in the series, it’s a city-based edition that takes familiar mechanics and applies them to a game that was designed to be more portable than the big box equivalents that are already out there. Ticket to Ride: San Francisco launches this Sunday (June 19) as a timed exclusive for Target stores across the US, and will receive a wide an international release in August as well. We were fortunate enough to get an advance copy of the game – here’s what to expect. Continue reading “Ticket to Ride: San Francisco review”

Zorro The Chronicles review (PS4/PS5)

We mainly know developer BKOM Studios from their mobile games, but Zorro The Chronicles (we feel there should have been a hyphen or colon there) is a big multiplatform release that’s being distributed by Nacon across PCs and consoles. We took a look at the game on PlayStation. Continue reading “Zorro The Chronicles review (PS4/PS5)”