WRC 4 Preview (X360/PS3/PC/Vita)

Our return to Gamescom this year also meant a renewed encounter with the WRC franchise. We previewed and reviewed WRC 3 last year, and this year it was time to take a look at the next game in the series from Italian developer Milestone.

WRC 4 will feature 13 rallies and 65 cars, including the brand new 2014 Hyundai rally car. Squeezing everything they can out of the current technology tree, Milestone added daylight as a gameplay dynamic, featuring morning fog and and a haze in the evening to add an extra challenge to your driving conditions.

The game also adds a career mode where you start out as a rookie driver and then manage all aspects of your professional life, from contracts right down to your media exposure. The office area where you manage all this is rendered in full 3D, which is also true for the service area where you fix up your car at the end of each race day.

Another improvement from a technical point of view is that the game’s audio component has been completely redone to sound as accurate as possible – thereby addressing a big point of criticism that the community had with the previous version of the game.

Milestone will be releasing WRC 4 in October, and is also bringing the game to Vita. Aside from a lower resolution, they managed to squeeze everything except for hotseat mode in the game into the portable version. We’ll see how things are looking when the final game is here in just a few weeks!

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