M.O.J.O. – a PS4/Xbox One alternative?

The gaming community knowns that the next two months will be dominated by plenty of “PS4 vs Xbox One” debates. But with the initial supply being limited to a select few who pre-ordered, why not look at some alternatives? Mad Catz is releasing its M.O.J.O. micro-console this holiday season, which we got a brief look at back in August. Now that we have some more info to share, it’s time to look at the console in more detail.

Not much bigger than two smartphones on top of one another, there’s a lot of technology packed in this little box. Powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 4 T40S 1.8 GHz processor (try saying that 10 times fast), it features what its producer proudly called ‘the world’s fastest mobile processor’. Also under the hood are 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and plenty of connectors. Hook it up to your tv with an HDMI cable and you can play your content at 1080p, and there are wi-fi, bluetooth and microSD options available as well.

Holding everything together and making sure that everything runs smoothly is the Android 4.2.2 operating system. “Big deal”, you might think, coming from the PS4/Xbox One debate – even if these are impressive specs for an Android-based device. What makes the M.O.J.O. different are not its specs though, it’s the approach Mad Catz is taking.

The M.O.J.O. is designed as a hub-like system that opens up your living room to the entire world of applications and games that the Android community has to offer. This means compatibility with your favorite App stores, but also the option to install homebrew software and applications and emulators for you to enjoy on your tv. This opens the M.O.J.O. up to the largest gaming catalogue out of any of the devices coming out this year, and its open character doesn’t end there.

plenty of connectors
plenty of connectors

The system will support a wide range of input devices, including a wireless controller that will be supplied with the console at launch. It’s far from a closed system though, and pretty much any device supported by the operating system will be usable within your favorite games and applications.

Out in early December with a suggested retail price of $249.99, the M.O.J.O. is an alternative to similarly priced current gen consoles like the X360 and PS3 for holiday shoppers who aren’t planning on getting Sony or Microsoft’s latest and greatest. With such a large and vibrant Android community, you know you’re assured of plenty of great current and upcoming gaming content. And isn’t that where a console’s success ultimately lies?

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