Gryphon Knight Epic (pre-alpha) preview

Gryphon Knight Epic is a medieval fantasy themed shoot ’em up that brings back 20+ year old memories. We played an early pre-alpha, and if you’re a fan of the colorful shooters of the eigties and early nineties you should check out this project that is currently being funded through Kickstarter.

Brazilian developer Cyber Rhino Studios was nice enough to let us go hands-on with a very early version of the game, which put you in control of Sir Oliver, a knight who takes to the skies atop his half eagle, half lion (a.k.a. Griffin/Gryphon) in order to save the day and rid the world of all sorts of enemies along the way. This is done in the traditional shoot ’em up style of the late eighties, with the addition of being able to choose whether you want to go up, down, left or right at certain points. Eventually, all choices lead to boss fights that are promising to offer diverse gameplay experiences and requiring different tactics if you are to take them down.

gryphon knight epic

In our playthrough, battling a giant tree creature was very different from going toe to toe with a fellow knight – the way it’s supposed to be in a good old-style shooter. The enemies were as varied as they were plentiful, and the music and sound effects resonated with the charm of the arcade games that some of us grew up with. The game is still in pre-alpha mode, but Cyber Rhino’s ambition to bring back a classic gameplay style in this retro-shooter already shines through. Clearly inspired by the games that went before them (the team mentions MegaMan and Ghouls & Ghosts as inspirations), our memory actually went back to a little-known game called Pegasus by Gremlin – though that of course features a flying horse, not a griffin.

Check out the project at for some more visuals and a chance to support the team!

gryphon knight epic

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