JUJU preview (PC/Consoles)

JUJU is Flying Wild Hog’s third game, and a huge departure from the likes of Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset. A traditional sidescrolling platformer aimed at younger audiences, JUJU surprised us and is looking to enchant (families with) children when it comes out later this year for PC and consoles.

When we recently visited with Flying Wild Hog in Cologne to learn about their upcoming project, we were quickly given a pair of controllers to try out the game for ourselves. Sure enough, JUJU seemed rather self-explanatory with its familiar platforming seemingly straightforward level design.

Additional layers of gameplay present themselves in those sections where being cooperative pays off, and JUJU encourages players to play together. Rather than being a traditional single player platformer, the game allows for kids to play together or for a parent to jump in and help the main characters (Juju and Peyo) out.

JUJU in-level gameplay

Juju is a young shaman panda bear who, together with his friend Peyo (a lizard), sets out to rescue his father from the clutches of the evil Calypso. Juju and Peyo do so by jumping, dashing and dancing/chanting to open up certain areas – and they encounter nine giant bosses along the way.

The game might be very accessible with its focus on younger children, but older and more experienced gamers can still find a challenge in trying to locate all the hidden areas and doing speed runs through the levels. There are over 30 levels in total, spread out over four different game worlds.

JUJU may not have the shine and polish of the recent Rayman games, but the game looks like a safe bet for gamers looking to get their little ones familiarized with the platform genre – while still able to jump in and play themselves. The official release date is ‘coming soon’, so expect JUJU in time for the holidays.

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