Space Hulk DLC mini-reviews (PC)

Space Hulk, already packed to the brim with content by Full Control, was recently added on to with the introduction of two massive DLC packs. As fans of the original, we had to check them out – here are our thoughts.

Please refer to our original review of Space Hulk in regards to the game’s core mechanics, which we won’t detail here. Our focus here will be on the changes introduced in the two DLC packs.

Imperial Fists

When we read the numbers, they were staggering. The Imperial Fists expansion promised over 20 hours or additional gameplay (take note, 10 dollars packs that provide 1 hour of gameplay) – spread over 15 story missions and 20 flash missions.

What’s more – instead of settling for ‘more of the same’, the expansion spreads these missions out over the course of a brand new campaign chapter featuring the Imperial Fists as they face off against the Genestealers. Facing off against these powerful foes – who are growing in numbers – you have to employ familiar and new tactics in order to get through the campaign. Further aiding you is the availability of the Tarantula Turret, a brand new weapon that only sergeants in your unit can wield.

space hulk dlc


As if 20 hours of extra content wasn’t enough – Space Hulk’s second expansion, Salamanders, adds a whopping 30 hours of additional content to the mix. Adding another chapter to the game, you’re getting no less than 20 story missions and 20 flash missions this time – adding up to a total mass of content that we still haven’t been able to get through. And we’ve had the game for weeks!

Fire plays a major role in the Salamanders expansion, as your team of terminators has a resistance to fire as well as the ability to wield the power of fire during their struggle with the Genestealers. Cornering your adversary and then torching them sure feels like a satisfying end to a long sequence of tactical maneuvering – which in some levels can take up to the better part of an hour.


We fear that the steady stream of Space Hulk DLC might be coming to an end due to Full Control’s recent layoffs, but we’re grateful for the sheer amount of content they have left us with. If you’re a fan of the core game, show your support and treat yourself to much more Space Hulk by checking out these expansions!

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