Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition review (Xbox One)

We reviewed Divinity: Original Sin for PC back in 2014, but now we’ve finally had a chance to play the Xbox One console version. Let’s see if we still like the game as much as we did back then…

The short answer, of course, is a resounding yes. The game has translated well onto console, with controller support (also available in the PC version after an update) now available. This makes Divinity a strong alternative to those who enjoy RPGs and own consoles, because you haven’t been spoiled lately if that’s you. The graphics for the game were also overhauled, with more freedom to view things from new camera angles and remastered environments with added detail. Pushing Divinity: Original Sin further towards the audiovisual treatment that AAA games are known for is the fact that everything is fully voiced this time around (the original release was only partially voiced).


Most importantly, however, are the changes to the gameplay. Balancing updates that have been patched into the original PC release are now present from the start, and there is more (tactical) depth to the combat this time around as well – courtesy of a variety of new skills and weapons. New modes that add more difficulty to the game’s combat are also available, but our favorite addition is that the developers have added a host of new content to the game in the shape of extra quests and a brand new ending – which we’re assuming paves the way for the upcoming sequel.

If you never played the PC original and are looking for a top quality RPG on your Xbox One (or PS4), then look no further. An already outstanding game that was awarded an 8.8 score just got better – read our PC review to find out more, and then remember that that game only got better. Highly recommended!

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