Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault review (PC)

Not too long ago, we reviewed the genre-defying indie title (with the impossibly long name) Aegis of Earth – Protonovus Assault. Available from Aksys/PQube in the west for all of Sony’s current platforms, it has now been released on Steam for PC owners to enjoy.

In our original review, we discussed how – despite an odd mix of genres – the game comes together quite nicely, especially if you’re not into hardcore strategy or extremely complex tower defense games. This of course hasn’t changed in the PC version, which stays true to what we previously saw on Playstation.

Since the game didn’t chance, we mainly focused on how well the conversion was handled when we playstested the PC release. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all a smooth ride, with a few sloppy porting decisions here and there. Most of this has to do with poor controller implementation, which starts (or rather ends) with the fact that a ‘quit to windows’ button wasn’t added to the menu. Sure, Playstation controllers might have their ‘home/menu’ buttons that allow you to exit the game, but that’s not how controllers generally work on PCs.


In game, there is no mouse support – but since we were already used to playing the game on a console platform this wasn’t much of an issue. There isn’t too much built-in support for gamepads either though, since buttons had to be manually mapped upon our first launch. This felt needlessly sloppy and like something that should have been done better during the conversion.

Aegis of Earth – Protonovus Assault is still a good game, and fun to pick up – it’s just a shame that the port isn’t the best it could be. However, if you don’t have access to a Playstation, then be sure to explore Aegis’ Steam version to see if you might like it, and read our original review for more on why you might or might not.

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