Planet of the Eyes goes Humble

If you’re a subscriber to Humble’s monthly bundle, then this month you’ll be (re)introduced to a game we missed when it first came out: Planet of the Eyes.

It’s a puzzle platformer from indie developer Cococucumber, with a sci-fi theme and an aesthetic that reminded us of classic titles like Another World mixed with a little bit of Limbo. The game’s story is a mystery – one which slowly unfolds over the course of the game, and over the course of many restarts as you fail to initially tackle the game’s obstacles. Sure, it may not turn out to be the timeless classic that those games turned into, but it’s always nice when initiatives like the Humble Bundle bring games to the forefront that we might otherwise have overlooked.

If you’re interested in the rest of the bundle, check here:

And if you’re not into bundles, then Planet of the Eyes can also be bought by itself of course. Its Steam page is here:

If anything, the game has interested us in whatever Cococucumber’s next project will be – to be continued soon, we hope.



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