Metrico+ review (PS4/PC)

Every now and then, a game immediately grabs you when you first see it. Metrico+ was one of those games when I met with the developers over a year ago. Now, their game is finally ready for release.

If I remember correctly, Metrico+ was originally intended as a Steam-exclusive game meant to be released sooner than it finally did, but my guess is that the team needed some more time to bring the game to consoles and perhaps refine the title’s gameplay mechanics as well. Either way, the wait was worth it.

When I first saw the game, I had never played the original Vita – yet two things struck me about the demo I was shown and got to play. There’s a unique visual theme to the game that is very much inspired by the world of infographics, and the game’s controls rely on a bit of experimenting as you go along – which leads to plenty of “a-ha!” discovering as you get past another challenge.


From what I understand, the Vita version went a bit over the top with its creative use of controls – using every control mechanic in the Vita’s arsenal and perhaps losing the player in the process. Having now played Metrico+, it’s safe to say that the developers at Digital Dreams didn’t go overboard this time around. Experimenting with your controls is still a major factor in the game, but it’s always done in a way that’s intuitive or at the very least logical enough for you to figure out. As soon as you figure out what a certain button or trigger does – or what effect moving forward or backward has on the elevator in front of you, you’ll adapt and find a way to beat the obstacles facing you.

It’s a lot of fun to do and explaining puzzles in detail would ruin the experience somewhat – since it really is a game best experienced firsthand. There’s a background story that has to do with the meaning of human nature, but the presentation and gameplay take front and center in Metrico+. A large portion has to do with how you interact with your control, but as the game progresses and you learn new skills, gameplay variations that are a bit Portal-like are also introduced.


Visually, the original’s infographics-inspired look was retained, but is now available at higher resolutions. Metrico+ is a game that won’t be taxing your hardware to the max, but it will captivate you with its unique visual style. In our opinion the developers could have taken that style one step further as well, making use of the extra processing power available to them by – for instance – enhancing the visual range and complexity of their infographics elements.

Metrico+ is a very well-polished version of a game that was originally a Vita exclusive both in terms of availability and in terms of how to play it. Both of these have been addressed and it’s a change for the better – the wait has allowed the game to mature, and its highly original content is a great addition to the PS4 and Steam libraries. It doesn’t throw the Vita version upside down, but it refines it almost to perfection. We can’t wait to see what Digital Dreams does when they design and develop for next-gen systems from the ground up.

Score: 7.9/10

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