Let Them Come preview (PC/Mobile)

Let them come is an upcoming shooter by developer Klemen – we took a look at Gamescom last month.

What we know

Let them come is an initially fairly straightforward shooter that is coming to PC and mobile platforms. It has a sci-fi theme to it, in which you fight off hordes and hordes of aliens before they reach you. Your main character doesn’t move around, so it’s really a ‘king of the hill’ type of situation where you have to defend your spot to save your life. Later in the game you’ll be able to upgrade and you’ll see a larger diversity of enemies as well – requiring different tactics in bringing them down. Visually, Let Them Come sports a pixel art type of look, but one that is high on detail and doesn’t go the 8-bit route.

What we saw

During our visit to the Versus Evil booth at Gamescom, we got to see the game in action. The demo was brief, but gave us a good feel for the game. You select a loadout, and then are thrown into battle – hoping to survive. If you don’t, you most likely get a good feel for how you can change your loadout for another attempt.

What we thought

The basis gameplay in Let Them Come is simple enough – it only takes a minute to figure out how to play the game and after that it’s a case of assessing the alien threat correctly before you start a round. Despite a potential for grinding and leveling up, it may be a tad too one-dimensional for PC gamers. However, it feels like a great fit for mobile. Our favorite thing that we took away from our experience was the game’s aesthetic – it’s a pixel representation of movies like Aliens and Alien 3, and I wouldn’t mind playing that on my tablet when the game comes out.


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