Leave the Nest review (PSVR)

Leave the Nest is a new game available for Playstation VR users to play, after it was available earlier on Steam for the HTC Vive.

What Leave the Nest can best be described as is a casual interpretation of a mix between Eagle Flight and the 2013 mobile sensation Flappy Bird. Visually it resembles an endless runner or sorts, as you navigate through levels by constantly going forward while veering left and right and avoiding obstacles. If you were hoping for some of that wonderful free flying that Eagle Flight offered, then Leave the Nest will disappoint you.

Instead, as a casual title, it brings the Flappy Bird dynamic of flapping your wings to get past obstacles to virtual reality – and it’s a fun although slightly shallow experience. This was true for Flappy Bird as well of course, and Leave the Nest wasn’t designed to play for hours on end. Instead, it’s a game that’s easy to get into and a lighthearted approach to virtual reality that is family-friendly.

leave the nest2

This is aided by the fact that wing-flapping can be done in the most literal sense possible… by flapping your arms, assuming that you’re using a set of move controllers. If that’s not your thing, then you can achieve the same goal using a dualshock controller and pressing the corresponding buttons there.

The gameplay in Leave the Nest is basic enough – navigate yourself through an obstacle course, grabbing some of the optional powerups along the way. Shields will help you if you get hit by an obstacle, while magnets make it easier for you to grab powerups on your way towards the end of the level. It’s fairly basic stuff, and instantly clear to new players as well.

Clearly a budget/casual title, this isn’t going to set the virtual reality community alight. It’s not deep, and probably not too enjoyable solo. However, as a group/party experience where you want to involve a few non-VR gamers, you can do a lot worse than Leave the Nest. Even if the game itself doesn’t delight, seeing your friends flap their arms in front of a TV sure will.

Score: 6.3/10

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