Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls review (PC)

Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls, formerly a Vita exclusive, has landed on the PC through the Steam platform. Definitely not the first Vita-to-PC conversion in recent months, we check it out to see how the conversion was handled.

Content-wise, this is the same game that Vita owners previously played on their handhelds – an experience we reviewed back in 2016. It’s still not the longest or deepest IFI experience out there, and the Hyperdimension/Superdimension series have seen better entries, but it’s still entertaining and an easy buy for fans of the other games (already on Steam). If you’re not familiar with the other IFI games and also don’t know anything about Sega’s source material, this will be a tougher sell.

Surprisingly, the hardware requirements for this Vita port are on the high end of the spectrum – with recommended specs including at least a GTX 960 video card and an intel Core i5 running at 3.20Ghz. We didn’t run into any performance problems though, so our best guess is that these are the kind of requirements that you might need to run the game at 4K resolutions.


As expected, the game’s PC version supports higher resolutions and frame rates than the Vita version did. Having played the game using a PSTV unit before, this is definitely a step up and especially noticeable in the 3D sections of the game. There are better looking RPG games available (like the Tales series), but for a Vita conversion it’s great to see that a lot of the art work and textures were improved to fit with higher resolutions.

Despite overall good performance, the game did have a few glitches here and there – some of which we’ve also seen in gameplay videos by others but which we never encountered in the Vita version. No doubt these will be patched in the near future though, and we didn’t experience them as game-breaking.

If you’ve enjoyed some of the other IFI titles that have been brought to Steam, this is a welcome addition to your library. If not, then it won’t sway you – unless you’re a hardcore fan of the Sega source material, in which case this is a good entry level IFI game for you. For more detail on the gameplay itself, please check our original Vita review.

Score: 7.0/10

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