Fate/EXTELLA review (PC)

Previously available for PS4 and Playstation Vita, Fate/EXTELLA is now available for Steam users to play. Having played the console and handheld versions before, we took the PC version for a spin to see how the conversion had fared.

Marvelous and XSEED have built up quite a nice reputation over the past few years with PC gamers who previously felt left out when it game to Japanese-styled brawlers. A genre once (and perhaps still) dominated by Dynasty Warriors titles, Steam owners now have many more options to choose from – and a large part of that is thanks to Marvelous and their publishers.

fate extella2

The latest title in their list of Playstation to PC conversions is Fate/EXTELLA, which is great news when you look at the time it’s taking these games to make the journey to PC now. The original Vita/PS4 release is only half a year old, which is a markedly shorter wait time compared to the likes of the Senran Kagura and Akiba titles. In the case of Fate/EXTELLA, you’re looking at a nearly identical copy of the Playstation 4 version that came out earlier – a version we reviewed a few months ago. We’ll save most of the game-related discussion for that review so as to not repeat ourselves – our focus here will be on the conversion from PS4 to PC.

Long story short, the game performs exactly as you’d expect if you’ve already played the console version, and we didn’t run into any visual glitches during our entire playthrough. There’s another side to this though, and it’s a relative lack of PC-specific graphics tweaks – something PC owners are more than accustomed to but which isn’t available in Fate/EXTELLA. What you see is what you get, and that might tick some people with mammoth PCs off a little. Comparing the PC version to the console edition, however it doesn’t miss a beat – it’s also not extremely power hungry, as it ran smoothly even on a modest gaming PC with a graphics card that’s about three or four generations old.

fate extella3

Of course, a PC conversion means that support for additional controllers has to be added as well. We had no trouble with our Xbox controllers (and Xbox-based fightsticks), but oddly enough our Playstation 3 controller had some issues. This is a known issue though, and currently being looked into. Our default option, the Playstation 4 controller – worked flawlessly, though that’s probably not a surprise.

This makes Fate/EXTELLA a no-frills conversion of a decent Playstation 4 brawler, which will mainly appeal to fans of the source material. Although many of these are based in Japan (as you’ll be able to see on the steam discussion boards), it’s great that these games are being converted to PC. It’s being released at a relatively high price point (matching the PS4 price), so those willing to wait just a little longer might want to hang on for a Steam sale.

Score: 6.9/10 (identical to our PS4 review score)

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