Rogue Islands impressions (PC)

A new Steam game that recently caught our attention is Rogue Islands by Keystone Games. We’re enjoying the game, but love the story behind it as well.

Rogue Islands, at first sight, looks like a slightly higher resolution version of Minecraft. It doesn’t play anything like Minecraft though, because it’s a fast-paced first person shooter/rpg hybrid. It’s also pretty tough, and that’s because your survival (as a gnome wizard) also relies on how well you gather resources to keep your health up.

The action in Rogue Island can get frantic, but the game adjusts its difficulty level according to whoever is playing – and it also generates and changes the game world around you in real time. This keeps the experience fresh, although the tutorial world that was included in the launch day update was a welcome one in getting me started since these open world shooter/rpg hybrids tend to make me feel a little lost. Rogue Island still did that to me at times, but at least after a few hours I was comfortable with leveling up my character, progressing towards harder enemies and bosses, and exploring more of the game world.

rogue islands

Although now out of early access, the game is still heavily under development, with a full (boxed) release scheduled for 2018. I’ll definitely go back to it in the months ahead, but the game caught my eye for two other reasons as well. One is the involvement of Kiaran Ritchie (of Bioware fame) and Jane Whittaker, an industry veteran whose name might not ring a bell but whose resume certainly will. Jane’s background is a fascinating read, and this story does a better job at describing it than I ever could: Read Jane Whittaker’s story here

Perhaps the most important aspect of Rogue Island, however, is that the proceeds of each sale for the game will mostly go towards children’s charities, which is a good a reason as any to invest in a game. The fact that Rogue Islands also shows a lot of promise and is already a lot of fun to play is just a nice bonus.

rogue islands2

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