Drunkn Bar Fight review (PSVR)

Drunkn Bar Fight is one of those “I just had a crazy idea for a VR game” productions from a small developer that’s fun to play despite its shortcomings in gameplay depth. It’s out now on Steam and for Playstation VR, on which we reviewed it.

If the title didn’t already give it away, Drunkn Bar Fight (not a typo) is all about brawling inside a variety of bars…. while drunk. A bit of a party game then, that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The fights take place inside three distinctly different bars – ranging from a typical bar to a saloon-type setting and a modern rooftop bar. You can kind of guess where things are going to go when playing in that last one…


Gameplay is pretty straightforward, at least when it comes to the actual brawling. You can swing your arms around to try and land a punch (Move controllers are required), and there’s quite a bit of flailing involved (this is clearly not Knockout League) – exactly like you’d expect when bad drunks get into a fight. You’ll want to have plenty of real-life room around you though, as there is a ton of potential for hitting furniture, walls or even family members and friends if you’re not careful.

In-game, you can also pick up a variety of items and go to town on your opponents with them. Yes, the action can be pretty brutal when bar stools and fire extinguishers are involved. Fights aren’t always one on one either, since (as is the case in most bar fights, I’d assume), others are likely to get involved as well. This means you’ll have to navigate and turn your attention away from individuals quickly, which is easier said than done.


Drunkn Bar Fight is easy enough to play, yet you’ll still find yourself on the losing end of a fight quite often. When you do, you’ll see your drunken body plummet to the floor (in third person) before you can try again. It seems that quite a few of these losses come from somewhat frustrating controls though, which is a shame. This has a lot to do with the inability to move around easily using a pair of move controllers – making movement feel (and look) clumsy. The game would have benefitted from a scheme like they use in The Inpatient, but instead only give you a forward and backward options that makes it tough to navigate when in the midst of a fight.

What’s fun and certainly a bit unique for this genre is the inclusion of local multiplayer. Here, you play the main drunk while your friends have the ability to take control of the bar’s other patrons using DualShock controllers. Drunkn Bar Fight is a ton of fun as a social activity, no matter which side you pick. When playing with the DualShock, it’s hilarious to see your friend’s awkward movement and exploit it. When playing in VR, the satisfaction of swinging your arms around and hitting them is great as well – which doesn’t necessarily always happen in the VR world alone. As such, the game is quite limited in terms of gameplay, but does provide a lot of fun for the right crowd.

Score: 6.6/10

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