Disgaea 5 Complete review (PC)

After a few re-releases of classic titles in the franchise, the complete edition of the very latest Disgaea title has finally been unleashed on Steam. Simply titled “Disgaea 5 complete”, here is our look at NIS’ latest.

In recent years, NIS has been great about sharing their excellent software library with PC gamers in addition to localizing titles for the western market on consoles. Starting off at the very beginning with Disgaea 1, it wasn’t long until they announced that number five in the series was also coming to PC – initially a PS4 exclusive that was later also released for the Switch. Great news, but unfortunately the conversion was hit with multiple delays. Is was first due for spring, then delayed to the summer, then the fall…. but now it’s finally here!

disgaea 5 complete2

Disgaea 5 Complete is essentially the same experience as Disgaea 5 on the Playstation 4, which we reviewed back when it first came out. At least, as long as you stick to the story and additional scenarios that have been included for the complete edition. The customer maps and money maps (that help when grinding) that were in the console versions seem to be missing though, for whatever reason. They aren’t features I spent a lot of time with before, but I’m sure there are people who will take offense at the omission.

One thing that’s plagued previous Disgaea versions on Steam has been a lack of proper mouse support, and I’m glad that Disgaea 5 has much better support for this right out of the gate. I couldn’t help but switch to gamepad controls pretty quickly (force of habit), but there is a definite improvement here for the mouse-oriented PC player.

disgaea 5 complete3

In terms of performance, the PC port of Disgaea 5 runs quite smoothly, but I didn’t notice any visual upgrades in terms of texture/font/asset resolutions. In fact, one of our staffers even felt like the PC port felt closer to the Switch port than it did to the PS4 port. That feels like another odd choice, especially when you consider the relatively high system requirements the Steam version comes with (a minimum of 6GB of RAM excludes most mainstream laptops, for instance).

Luckily, despite a few strange porting decisions, you’re still getting what’s arguably the best Disgaea game ever made – and all of its narrative content. If you already have it on PS4 then you’d be better off getting the DLC there and there’s little reason to upgrade from the Switch version as well, but this is still a Disgaea worth playing and the PC version gives new people the opportunity to do just that. It’s a shame the “complete edition” doesn’t feel like the “ultimate/definitive edition” though.

Score: 7.5/10

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