Shadows: Awakening – The Chromaton Chronicles review (PC)

Games Farm and Kalypso have released brand new content for Shadows: Awakening. Entitled “The Chromaton Chronicles”, what does it bring to this summer’s action RPG?

After waiting almost four years (since Heretic Kingdoms) for Shadows to be completed, I was happy to see another chapter be added to Awakenings so soon after the release of the game, which came out on August 31st and which I only recently completed. It’s somewhat low on content though, but that’s reflected in its price tag – so if you were hoping for a full story expansion then this isn’t it.

But what do you get with The Chromaton Chronicles? Essentially, it adds a new puppet for you to control throughout the game’s main story (so it’s meant for either a second playthrough or to change your initial one) as well as a quest that you’ll need to complete to unlock said puppet. This quest centers around the Arcanum Laboratory, which appears in the north of the city of Thole.

shadows - awakening - chromaton chronicles

It’s a quest that can be undertaken in the early phases of the game (I believe it was a level 4 quest) and it’ll take you less than half an hour to complete it – and I couldn’t see that being much longer for newcomers since the puzzles and challenges weren’t that hard.

Completing the quest gives you access to the Chromaton Golem, a new puppet with tank-like abilities since he’s part metal, part flesh. If you enjoy the Golem, then this expansion pack will be well with the money for you since you’ll be able to use him throughout the entire campaign. If you’re only playing The Chromaton Chronicles for the extra quest as a standalone experience, then it’s rather thin on content.

For me personally, I’m kind of stuck in the middle. I enjoyed the quest and like the Golem, but it hasn’t been long enough for me to play through much of the same story content all over again – so I’ll probably hold off on that. If a proper story addon is released later, than the Chromaton Golem is a perfect companion for me to jump back into the game at that point. If you’re eager to do a second playthrough, or only just getting started with Shadows: Awakenings, then definitely take a look at The Chromaton Chronicles as a possible way of enhancing your experience.

shadows - awakening - chromaton chronicles3

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