The Elder Scrolls Online – Scalebreaker impressions (PC)

Bethesa is keeping its Season of the Dragon event for The Elder Scrolls Online going with the release of Scalebreaker. We made sure to set aside time for some impressions of the latest expansion, based on our playtime with the PC version of the game.

It was Elsweyr that really drew me back into The Elder Scrolls Online a few months ago, as I was curious if the introduction of dragons would bring an almost Skyrim-like vibe back to the game for me. It did, so I’m sticking around for the rest of the season. I like my games to have a big overarching objective or story, and hadn’t played ESO after the base game content all those years ago. Things like new areas or dungeons generally don’t do it for me, and even though the Season of the Dragon isn’t an epic story campaign in itself it sure sets up a grand podium for adventure.

While the action in Elsweyr focused on the arrival of dragons inside a new area of the map, the dragon “plague” is now spreading across more of the land, and the Scalebreaker addon features two quests that showcase this. Both are intended to be played with a four player party rather than solo, so it can help if you’re a regular player rather than someone who likes to venture off solo at random times, like me. I ran into other players soon enough though, and we undertook both dungeon quests together.

elder scrolls online - scalebreaker2

The first is the Lair of Maarselok, a powerful dragon who has corrupted the area around him. Although facing off against Maarselok is an epic battle in and of itself, it’s the corruption on the road that leads there that is especially visually striking. It’s not just a cosmetic feature though, as you’ll also find it makes traversing the dungeon more challenging.

The other new dungeon is dubbed Moongrave Fane, and narratively felt like the more interesting one of the two. It’s not exclusively focused on dragons, but rather on the interplay between their arrival and the effect they’ve had on the people of Tamriel. You enter an old temple, where the Hollowfang clan is keeping a dragon for their own sinister purposes – believing it is the key to becoming more powerful as you drink its blood.

Moongrave Fane also has more to it when it comes to gameplay content, with several bosses to fight as well as a few puzzle elements. I’ve so far only played through the new content once, but can’t wait for the new (and final) content of the Season of the Dragon to hit later this year.

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