Mosaic preview

From publisher Raw Fury and developer Krillbite Studio, Mosaic is an upcoming narrative adventure title for consoles and PC. Here is an early look at this mystery title that is full of atmosphere.

What we know

We remember Norwegian developer Krillbite mainly for Among the Sleep, an indie hit focused on the fears and dangers that surround a young child. Mosaic also deals with fears, but against a more mature background with a lot of modern day social dilemmas. The protagonist in the game deals with issues like loneliness, isolation, monotony and a lack of purpose and meaning. Days blend into one another and you feel alone inside a big city with thousands of people around you at any given moment, but then you start noticing strange occurrences while on your way to work, kickstarting a chain of events that will lead to a bigger mystery down the line.


What we saw

We met with developer Krillbyte during Gamescom at the Indie Arena Booth – which won “best booth” during this year’s edition of the trade show and had a ton of indie talent on display. Mosaic stood out for us, and at the booth we played through a hands on demo that lasted about 15 minutes.

What we thought

Our demo of Mosaic served as a nice general setup for the game as a whole, featuring our protagonist as he makes his way to work. With moody and atmospheric visuals, it’s immediately clear that we’re not dealing with a happy customer here and that he’s feeling trapped inside the daily humdrum of having to go to the same giant and impersonal corporation every day.

Mosaic features visuals that make great use of lighting and a 2.5D effect to showcase things happening in the fore- and background. The action also regularly shifts to a third person perspective for mood-setting cutscenes, but the transitions are seamless both in terms of pacing (no load times) and in terms of the visual style. Reminding us a little of a darker version of Daedalic’s State of Mind, Mosaic is certainly a striking game to see.


Audio seems to be an important component in the experience as well, but despite headphones it was sometimes difficult to make out what could have been an audio c(l)ue while amidst the crowds at Gamescom. Needless to say, we would have loved to have more time with the game. Not just for the audio, but also because Mosaic features a thought-provoking narrative that centers on serious themes that are best experienced in a more peaceful setting.

In terms of gameplay, we’re curious to see how much player choice is going to matter in the narrative at large, or if it’s more of a set narrative that you traverse and undergo as the player. Mosaic is a slow-paced game (judging by the demo), so obviously a 15-minute demo isn’t going to answer that question for us. Instead, we’ll have to wait until later this year, as the game is scheduled for release some time in 2019.

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