Running with Scissors announces and launches Postal 4 (in EA)

As part of a surprise announcement, Running With Scissors recently revealed that Postal 4: No Regerts is coming out and has already been launched into Steam’s Early Access for those looking to jump in early.

When a game has a cult status as one of the ‘worst games ever’, it’s always surprising to see a developer come out with a sequel. Running With Scissors, however, is proud of Postal 2’s reputation, even to the point of developing Postal 4 in the spirit of the game while denying that Postal 3 ever took place.

The miss-spelling of the game’s name is intentional, and the current state of the alpha build on Early Access is best described as ‘very early’. It hasn’t been optimized yet, crashes are to be expected and a lot of content hasn’t been implemented yet.

postal 4a

The game looks like it’s staying true to what came before though, with that typical over-the-top brand of humor and nonsensical action. The lead voice actor for the new game is none other than Jon St. John, known for his work as Duke Nukem and someone who can deliver satire very well. Hopefully we’ll see some of those obscure cameos that the series is known for as well, but nothing has been announced on that front just yet.

If you’re expecting an early build of the game through Early Access then be aware that Postal 4 currently feels more like an alpha/tech demo than a full game, but Running With Scissors has already indicated that this is a game they want to create in close collaboration with the community. If early community response is something to go by, then they might be on to something – Postal 4 is currently sitting at a comfortable ‘overwhelmingly positive’ rating on Steam.

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