Bridge Constructor Portal: Portal Proficiency DLC impressions (PC)

Headup games has just released the Portal Proficiency DLC for Bridge Constructor Portal, which is available on Steam – what’s new?

When Headup released the original Bridge Constructor Portal, it was a pleasant surprise to see they had managed to acquire the rights to use Valve’s celebrated Portal franchise for use in their Bridge Constructor series. What was even better was that it turned out to be a great new twist on the bridge builder genre we had seen many times before.

Now, the new “Portal Profiency” addon adds more portal-infused physics/bridge building puzzles to the game, with no less than 30 new puzzles to tackle. These are instantly familiar if you’ve been playing the base game, but there’s a new twist as well. Portal Profiency allows you to now place portals inside the levels yourself, which wasn’t previously possible.

bridge constructor portal2

This creates a new dynamic, because while portals played a huge role in the previous game, their locations also signposted the solution that the developers wanted you to build. With the new content most puzzles still won’t let you freely build portals anywhere because there’s only one real solution, but in some cases this allows you to be a tad more creative and even come up with (slightly or radically) different solutions.

At the budget price of just under 4 dollars/euros, this is an expansion that Bridge Constructor Portal players can’t afford to pass up.

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