Elder Scrolls Online – Dragonhold impressions (PC)

Dragonhold is here to round off the “Season of the Dragon” in The Elder Scrolls Online – time for a few quick impressions, based on a PC build of the game.

The Dragonhold DLC takes players to the southern part of Elsweyr called Pellitine, and it’s every bit as good as the previous expansions within this season (we checked out Scalebreaker earlier). It’s an area that was devastated after a disease tore through the lands and it was decided it was better to burn everything down and start anew. It makes for an environment that is quite unlike anything we’ve seen in The Elder Scrolls Online so far, and of course fits perfectly with the dragon theme we have going. Nature’s already started to reclaim some of its territory as well, creating a mix of destruction and rebirth not too unlike that in Far Cry: New Dawn.

The new expansion also introduces new characters and creatures, as well as a new mechanic in a grappling bow that allows you to zip across certain scenes with ease and is a potential game-changer for those who want more and better options to traverse the game on ‘foot’.


Because Dragonhold marks the end of the Season of the Dragon, it also brings the narrative full circle, with returning (main) characters popping up as you try and put an end to the dragon threat. It’s quite possible the best time I’ve had in The Elder Scrolls Online when it comes to the narrative experience, which I value more than the social elements of the game. Everything, from the narrative to the environments and the characters that inhabit it, feels like it’s a whole new game experience rather than just a simple DLC add-on.

Having said that, seeing the base game (including the Morrowind chapter) for sale now for a mere 10 Dollars/Euros does make me wonder about the price point for Dragonhold. Having to buy it using in-game Crowns means you’ll be spending more (on the Dragon season) than you would on the entire base game, even if it weren’t on sale. That feels like odd pricing, but long time Elder Scrolls players likely won’t mind – this is an excellent finale to a great series of expansions that’s been able to breathe new life into the game for me. If you’re not an ESO player yet then that base game deal is a great way to jump in or at least try it, but if you’re already playing then you can be certain that the Dragonhold expansion is worth it. Just make sure you get and play through the other parts of the season first.


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