Tropico 6: The Llama of Wall Street impressions

Tropico 6 received its first DLC update recently, called The Llama of Wall Street. Is it worth picking up? We tested it on the PC version of the game.

We were surprised that it took this long for the first piece of DLC for Tropico 6 to hit. Previous Tropico games had a ton of DLC content, and after the console releases we figured we’d be getting a lot more and a lot sooner. We still kind of wish we were getting a lot more though….

Having said that, the Llama of Wall Street DLC is free for all those who pre-ordered the game prior to its original launch date, so everyone in that group isn’t going to be too put off by the 10 dollar/euro price tag this has. Others might look at the fact that the new DLC only features one mission (as opposed to the 15 in the full game) and three new building types, and they might think they overpaid.

the llama of wall street

Speaking of payments – The Llama of Wall Street expansion is (not surprisingly) all about economics and big business. While running your local economy was always a part of the game, now you can try and hijack the international economy for the betterment of your own status and image.

You’ll work together with a mysterious broker who has his fingers in the Wall Street markets, but also has a secret agenda of his own. And as you start to manipulate the international markets, you’ll also see prices for supplies change accordingly – so you need to be careful which buttons to press.

We’ve only just started exploring the new mechanics and agree that the new DLC is light on content, but it’s nice to dive back into Tropico 6 again after the original release that was way back in March for PC users. Something to check out over the holiday break!

the llama of wall street3

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