Planet Zoo – Arctic Pack DLC review (PC)

Planet Zoo just got its first DLC package in the shape of the Arctic Pack – we loaded up Steam to try out what was new.

The Arctic Pack comes out while we’re still right in the middle of discovering everything that Planet Zoo has to offer – learning new tricks and making new mistakes with every new zoo we start up. There’s a tremendous amount of versatility to the game, which you can run the “same” zoo in a completely different way or choose to build a brand new one with a very specific theme to it.

The Arctic Pack fits right in, in the sense that it offers new animals, challenges and game mechanics. Not surprisingly, the (four) new animals on offer are all used to living in colder climates, and one of them is probably one of the most-requested animals not in the original release of Planet Zoo: the polar bear. In addition to the arctic wolf and the Dall sheep, you also get reindeer added to the game – perfect if you feel festive and want to create a winter wonderland.

arctic pack3

To do so, you also have access to over 200 new scenery pieces. Not all of them are arctic-themed, but you go get the ability to add snow and ice elements, or make a section of your zoo look like it’s set in the cold north – or you could even deck out your entire zoo that way. Way to confuse the giraffes!

Besides the countless options you get when playing in sandbox mode, you can also engage in two new scenarios that were created for the arctic pack. In one of them you’re taking your team to Norway, where you’re going to be in charge of building and maintaining a wildlife refuge far away from tourists’ eyes – almost to the point where the entire thing no longer feels like a zoo (highlighting that versatility I was talking about).

arctic pack

The other scenario is perhaps even more fun, as it takes place in Mexico. Here, the climate provides a serious amount of challenges to the zoo’s wishes to house your new cold-loving animals – and it’s a scenario in which your animals are likely to have some very strange neighbors if you’re not careful.

The Arctic Pack is a great addition to Planet Zoo, though I wish they had added more animals. Considering the theme, animals like the walrus are sorely missing, and would have been much better additions than the Dall sheep or arctic wolf – which are different from similar animals already in the game, but not game-changers or animals with a wow-effect. But surely this isn’t going to be the last piece of DLC for the game – bring on the next truck load of animals!

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