Reed Remastered review (Vita)

It’s 2020 and the Playstation Vita, at least as an indie platform, is still alive and kicking. We’re taking a look at a trio of recent releases for the platform today: Reed Remastered, Vasilis and Bucket Knight. First up is Reed Remastered, which is also available for the PS4 – you get that version for free as a cross-buy purchase.

Reed Remastered comes from publisher Ratalaika, who have been generously supplying Vita owners with ports for a while now. As with most of their games, it’s being released at a budget price point and it’s a relatively short game with an easily obtainable platinum trophy.

The story behind Reed Remastered (anyone familiar with the original mobile game Reed?) takes place in a virtual world in which a supercomputer sees the place fall apart and creates a small little creature: Reed. It’s your job to restore order to the world by collecting information cubes in a series of 50 levels. They all play out the same – reach the cube, then reach the exit.

reed remastered2

That’s easier said than done though, because after the first batch of levels things quickly get tricky with precision jumping and well timed escapes from the many traps that litter the levels. Most levels also have enemies (that can only be temporarily dazed by jumping on them), and some have hidden sub-levels for you to find.

The game has nice 16-bit visual style with colorful and detailed pixel art going for it, and with only a jump button it’s easy to learn how to control little Reed. As you do, you’ll gradually unlock trophies – the final ones hitting right before the end as long as you’ve also found the four hidden levels.

Sure, the game is low on content and it’s a fairly generic ‘challenging platformer’ where some levels only take mere seconds to complete, but for a quick diversion that also nets you an easy platinum trophy, there are much worse games out there.

Score: 6.4/10

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