Twin Breaker – A Sacred Symbols Adventure review (Vita)

Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure from Lillymo Games (who we remember from the pretty decent Habroxia) is a take on the arcade classic Arkanoid for PlayStation 4 and the Playstation Vita – and you get both versions as part of a cross-buy package. We tested it on the Vita.

When you start up Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure, you’re first greeted with a lengthy intro sequence that talks about humanity’s steps into deep space to try and find other habitable places, world war, spaceships that have to carry entire generations of people and wormholes. It’s a surprisingly deep and complex sci-fi tale for what is essentially a fairly basic gameplay formula, but since I generally enjoy sci-fi I was entertained nonetheless.

twin breaker2

The delivery of the story could have been better though – text slowly scrolls onto the screens letter by letter, and you can’t skip forward and reveal the full sentence or it’ll just skip to the next part of the conversation. None of that impacts the actual gameplay though, which is a fairly standard version of Arkanoid (a classic ‘brick breaker’) but with a twist – you’re actually controlling two paddles at the same time in Twin Breaker, and later on the number of paddles increases even more. At this point, this become hectic, as each thumbstick controls two paddles – one per axis.

The game has all the usual power-ups and handicaps associated with the genre – making your paddle bigger (or smaller), granting you access to a multiball or making your ball so strong it’ll blast through multiple bricks at once. If you’ve played Arkanoid or one of its many clones before, you know what to expect. Some of the more unique features involve boss battles and the option to play the game through a variety of other modes, accessible through the main menu.

twin breaker3

Most of these modes are variations on the base game with an emphasis on score chasing rather than a narrative campaign, although your results in these modes (which include variations on Pong, a shooter mode and a marathon mode) do count towards you stats and thus trophies. When you complete the 40 level campaign, you can also keep going with “+” versions of them.

Twin Breaker is a very retro kind of experience, audiovisually as well, but with some unique modern twists to the gameplay. A real challenge of coordination once you hit those levels where you control four paddles at once, this is one to try if you enjoy brick breaking games. If you don’t, then the added challenge will likely frustrate you more than thrill you.

Score: 7.0/10

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