Tropico 6 gets new Spitter DLC content

Tropico 6 just received a brand new DLC release titled “Spitter” – it’s available for both the PC and console versions of the base game, so we logged into Steam to check out what’s new and improved.

Because of its title, my initial thoughts for this DLC went back to the first addon for Tropico 6, which was called The Llama of Wall Street. It’s actually another reference though, and it’s to the world of social media – Twitter in particular. Fame is a central mechanic in the new expansion for the game, with El Presidente now able to communicate with (or is it to) people like celebrities and faction leaders to help improve his own standing and that of his island.

tropico 6 - spitter

Because of its reliance on internet technology, Spitter only comes alive when you play in the most recent of the game’s four eras. This limits its usefulness, especially if you’re fonder of the ‘historical’ eras in the game. You can learn all about the new content in an additional mission as well, which also introduces the fact that you can now build facilities to help lure international celebrities to your island. This includes luxury living options, spa/beauty retreats as well as rehab centers – something to cater for every kind of celebrity.

Of course, when you attract fame and fortune there are also going to be those who want to take advantage of the situation, so Spitter doesn’t come without challenges of its own. In addition, there are new music tracks as well as a few cosmetic options. At its price point, Spitter is somewhat limited in content – especially if you have a preference for older historic eras – but if you feel like channeling your modern ruler that embraces social media for a somewhat narcissistic use, then Spitter has you covered.

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