Anno 1800 – Bright Harvest DLC impressions (PC)

Ubisoft’s Anno 1800 is still going strong, and as part of its second season pass we just got access to the Bright Harvest DLC. Here’s what’s new and exciting.

The Anno series certainly isn’t Ubisoft’s most high profile of games, but it has been around for a long time and has a loyal following. The new expansion for Anno 1800 focuses on agriculture primarily and on industry as well – setting the game apart from other city builders even more so than before.

A lot of the new content in Bright Harvest is strictly cosmetic in nature, but makes a big difference if you thought your farms were looking a bit plain and, quite frankly, super generic and not much like a farm. Plop down a few bales of hay, invest in a silo or two, mark off the area with a wooden fence and top it all off with a woodcutting station – things are suddenly looking quite a bit more interesting. You can do similar things to your factories, giving them a more industrial look and feel.

anno 1800 - bright harvest

On the gameplay side of things, Bright Harvest’s most important additions are the silos and tractors you can use to dramatically improve the output. To support those tractors, you’ll also need to create the infrastructure to make sure enough fuel is being processed and made available, just so you don’t have to fall back on more traditional forms of horsepower.

While these things require a relatively big investment, they come with great rewards. Output goes up, and the need for human resources goes down. As a result, agriculture becomes much more of a factor in the economic sense, which seems fitting for the time period and felt like an oversight in the original release of game – even though the rise of the industrial era is of course also still a key influence.

It’s worth mentioning that many of the cosmetic elements in Bright Harvest can only be applied to the Old World environment in the game, whereas the economic ones are always available as long as you have the resources. Bright Harvest is a meaningful addition that can be picked up for a low price, or as part of the game’s second season pass.

anno 1800 - bright harvest3

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