Indie roundup: We should talk. & Epic Word Search Collection 2

With the exception of a few big titles like Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us – Part II, this summer looks like it’s filled with smaller releases. We’re checking two more out today, with Whitethorn’s We Should Talk and Lightwood’s Epic Word Search Collection 2.

We Should Talk.

Whitethorn recently released Evan’s Remains and is now back with We Should Talk, an interesting little game focused on the conversations people have while they are dealing with the rocky sides of a relationship. In it, you carefully weigh the different conversation choices you have, thinking of how your words might be interpreted. Answer close to your own heart and this might be a revealing experience, or you can have fun with it and see what happens when you pick something counter-intuitive.

You start off the narrative at a bar, where you’re visiting by yourself and talking to the bartender about your relationship. You’ll also engage in conversations with other patrons of the bar, all of which provides ample opportunities for the story to branch out in different directions. They can be flirty with you, talk to you about your relationship or ask you to reflect on yourself, and it’s up to you how to react to all this.

we should talk2

Obviously, despite the narrative choices you have in the pre-defined answers you can pick, things are bound to feel a little scripted. There’s plenty of flexibility in your ability to answer though, due to a modular system that allows you to piece sentences together – giving you way more freedom to answer than what you get in the average adventure/narrative-driven game. Pretty much at any given time the option “I should go home because that’s where I have work to do” felt like it was missing, but obviously that would be beside the point for a game like this – which, unless you’re the “go to bars by yourself”-type, is much more of a “what if?” kind of scenario.

This makes the whole experience a bit of a role-playing affair, which is both fun and insightful since the narrative is grounded in realism even though they might not depict situations you’re likely to find yourself in. The game is on the short side, but offers a ton of replay value because you can tackle your interpersonal relationships (both in the bar and with your partner at home) in various ways, so if you’re partial to the in-game conversations that videogames have this is certainly an intriguing new approach you’ll want to check out. It’s out now for all major systems, including the ability to go handheld with a Switch. We tested the PS4 version.

Epic Word Search Collection 2

Lightwood Games is in the mood for sequels lately. After the release of Pic-a-Pix Pieces 2, they’re now coming out with Epic Word Search Collection 2 – which once again is a cross-buy title for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita that is also available for the Switch.

The game closely resembles what we got in the first Epic Word Search Collection by Lightwood, the main difference being that you’re getting new content in the shape of four new puzzles, each one with a different theme. And yes, like we pointed out in our original review, the fact that the game only has four puzzles shouldn’t dissuade you.

epic word search collection 2

A single puzzle features over 14,000 letters, and if that doesn’t give you enough perspective then perhaps the word list that’s 1,500 items long does. That makes for a lot of gameplay in what is arguably one of the most iconic word-based puzzle types along with the classic crossword. Luckily, the word list changes dynamically based on the section of the puzzle you’re currently zoomed into, only showing you the words that are (partially) on the screen right now. This helps a lot, also in letting you tackle these massive challenges one mini grid at a time.

The themes featured this time are “America”, famous monsters, rock music and the season of summer – which of course is when people used to bring puzzle books full of word search puzzles along with them on their vacations. Perhaps they still do, or perhaps you’ll want the digital equivalent? At least now you can – and it’ll be a serious challenge to finish all of these before coming back home.

epic word search collection 2a

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