Real VR Fishing’s “Together Edition” is coming soon (Quest)

Real VR Fishing for the Oculus Quest is getting a major update soon with its “Together Edition”, adding multiplayer and social features to the popular fishing app for the headset. We got an early look.

Released in September of last year, Real VR Fishing has been a very successful title for developer/publisher MIRAGESOFT with its intuitive controls and scenic locations. They’re now expanding the experience with online multiplayer features that bring the experience of fishing together with others to the VR domain.

Multiplayer functionality brings both gameplay and social elements to Real VR Fishing, and both go hand in hand. You can now fish with up to three others and if you feel like being a little competitive, you can also see who’s caught what so far. Games are arranged through a lobby system, where one player acts as a host and picks the location that all four players will use during the next session.

real vr fishing2

This can be a social element as, since Real VR Fishing’s new update also enables voice chat which becomes active the second you enter a lobby room. You can discuss where you’d like to fish even when you’re not currently hosting, and of course the opportunity for conversation carries on once you get to the actual fishing portion of the game.

Although the update doesn’t dramatically overhaul the core gameplay of Real VR Fishing (although fans of visual customization might enjoy the ability to tweak the look of your lodge), it’s an excellent new feature for fans of the social side of VR. Games like Werewolves Within already showed us how conversations with others can add to the otherwise relatively solitary experience of VR, so unless you demand peace and quiet while fishing this is sure to delight VR fishing enthusiasts – especially during times of partial/full lockdowns.

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