New Super Lucky’s Tale review (PS4)

After a long journey, New Super Lucky’s Tale arrives on the PlayStation 4 (alongside a port for the Xbox One) – here’s our look at the new version.

I think I first played Lucky’s Tale back in 2014, when it was introduced to me by Palmer Luckey as an upcoming Oculus Rift title – you can imagine my initial confusion about the name. Back then, it was the first VR platformer I had ever played, and it made great use of a mix of traditional platforming mechanics and VR capabilities. Later, a new version dubbed Super Lucky’s Tale was released for the Xbox One as a system exclusive, and that version was much more of a traditional 3D platformer – though it showed that Lucky could survive as its own IP even without VR support.

A later version for the Nintendo Switch added previously DLC content as well as a giant layer of polish to the game, and thus New Super Lucky’s tale was born. This version, released at the end of last year, ran into its fair share of performance problems though, as Nintendo’s hardware felt underpowered for the lush and colorful visuals that Lucky brought to the platform.

new super lucky's tale2

I’m glad to say that Playful Studios, during the development process of this new version, made sure the game now runs like a train on PlayStation 4 Pro – which even supports 4K resolutions in additional to a stable frame rate of 60 frames per second. As such, this is now clearly the go-to version to get for the game, after previously having to choose between the gameplay polish in the Switch version and the superior performance and visuals of the Xbox One original.

Protagonist Lucky is a cute and colorful fox, and the audiovisual presentation feels like a throwback to the heyday of the platformer genre. In that sense, New Super Lucky’s Tale is a bit like the most recent Yooka-Laylee, not in the least because both games seamlessly mix 2D and 3D platforming.

Controlling Lucky is easy thanks to accessible and responsive controls. Most of the moves you have at your disposal are fairly typical of platformers, with the exception of the ability to dig underground and find treasure or surprise opponents that way. In additional to traditional 2D and 3D platforming, you’ll also encounter endless runner-type levels, ensuring there’s a ton of diversity here to enjoy across a lengthy adventure with five big areas to play through (and an additional one once you complete the game).

new super lucky's tale

Gameplay diversity also comes in the shape of a large variety of different objectives that you need to tackle with Lucky. The game is also stuffed with collectibles, giving some additional replay value for those who enjoy getting the complete experience and gaining all the rewards that come with it.

The PS4 never got the original (Super) Lucky’s Tale, and it’s a wonderful addition to the genre for Sony’s library. It’s colorful, plays well, appeals to younger gamers as well as platform enthusiasts, and shouldn’t be missed if you enjoyed games like Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair.

Score: 8.1/10

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