Paw Patrol – Dino Rescue review (DVD)

Paw Patrol is one of those franchises that doesn’t seem to be running out of steam anytime soon. With a big screen movie in the works for this summer and a third videogame due for release in the fall, the series is still going strong eight years after its debut. Paw Patrol Dino Rescue is a recently released DVD compilation of six dinosaur-related episodes that previously aired, and we took a look to see if this is one you should pick up for your little Pup fans.

As an adult watching this show alongside kids, it’s interesting to see Paw Patrol branching out over the course of its many seasons. They’ve gradually introduced new characters like Everest and Tracker, with each pup bringing their own set of skills to the mix as they tackle challenges alongside their leader – 10 year old boy Ryder. And with each new pup, and each new theme, came new episodes and playsets – from Jungle Rescue to Mighty Pups.

paw patrol dino rescue

This Dino Rescue compilation is slam dunk when it comes to branching out, as it takes the team out of Adventure Bay and into a hidden underground world where dinosaurs still live. For adults, it’s a fun nod to movies like Journey to the Center of the Earth or the recent Godzilla vs Kong, for kids it’s a world of wonder – just like it is for the pups.

The episodes also introduce a brand new pup, aptly named Rex, who because of his life in this hidden world has the ability to communicate with dinosaurs – thus forming an essential link between the team and the dinosaur in need of their help. Rex is also handicapped and has his rear legs supported by a custom wheelchair, which is a lovely reference to the kind of inclusivity that we like to see.

paw patrol dino rescue2

And then, of course, there are dinosaurs. The Dino Rescue disc features six episodes, most of which star a single dinosaur except for the first episode – where the team discovered this lost world. There’s even a big robo-dinosaur, for those looking for an Age 3+ version of Mechazilla. Dinosaurs are obviously still huge with youngsters, so combining them with Paw Patrol feels like a winning combination from the start.

What you get here are six episodes, and although none are new or exclusive to this DVD two of them are double length features, clocking in at about 23 minutes rather than the usual 11 to 12 minutes per episode. That makes for an hour and a half of solid Paw Patrol entertainment that, if you have a system set up for it, will make for some great in-car or in-flight entertainment when you travel with little ones this summer. The new setting, new characters and dinosaurs make for a refreshing take on the franchise, and should tide little fans over until the big screen movie and videogame are here.

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