Railbound review (Android)

One of our favorite mobile titles of recent months is Railbound, which was developed by Afterburn and is available for Android and iOS. You can also pick up a PC version for the game, but we really enjoyed being able to use a touch screen interface for this one – time for a closer look at this great little puzzler, which we played on an OPPO A77.

Railbound is a deceptively simple puzzle game in which you have to guide numbered train compartments around a track so that they move into the right order – though you get comfortable with the mechanics in levels with just a single carriage. As you can probably guess, it’s simple enough get a single one to its destination, but things become increasingly more complex as you only have a limited number of track pieces to place. There’s a tiered hint option that gradually gives away a few correct locations at a time, but with well designed puzzles it’s much more satisfying to keep trying by yourself first.


Over the course of its impressive 150+ levels, Railbound gradually introduces new mechanics, with different game worlds each offering their own level elements – nothing overstays its welcome, and it’s really exciting when you get to do things like pick up a few passengers. Everything gets introduced during the campaign, but there are also extra levels that can be accessed through the main menu. For it’s cheap price, there’s a ton of puzzle content here, scaling from easy and intuitive to some real head-scratchers near the end, where you find yourself trying to order up multiple carriages per puzzle.

And although Railbound can be quite challenging, there’s a delightful zen-like quality to the gameplay thanks to its gorgeous presentation. Using a cel-shaded visual style with tons of color, it really pops off the screen with its clean presentation style. With a relaxing soundtrack and an easy to use interface, it’s a great game to start up and play for a bit on a short break – though the layouts of later levels get larger and will benefit from a bigger screen size.

Full of charm, this is a puzzler that works great on mobile platforms thanks to its lovely presentation and gameplay that’s tailored well to touch mechanics.

Score: 8.0/10


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