Port roundup: Velocity Noodle, Light of Life, Space Gladiators & Demon Skin

When we see the roster of games that gets released every week, we notice a lot of ports making their way to consoles. Today we’re checking out the PlayStation versions of Velocity Noodle, Light of Life, Space Gladiators and Demon Skin – which were all previously released on Steam for PCs.

Velocity Noodle review (PS4)

Velocity Noodle is a fast-paced action game developed by Shotgun Anaconda and published by Top Hat for the PlayStation 4, after an earlier release on Steam. It’s a vibrant and colorful indie title that offers a fun take on the precision platformer. While the game has its ups and downs, it ultimately delivers a fun and engaging experience that is well worth your time.

The game has a simple premise, putting players in the shoes of a noodle delivery person, who must jump, slide, and dash their way through increasingly difficult levels to make sure that their noodle dishes arrive at their destination on time while dodging obstacles and enemies. Hey, in a genre where these games normally don’t even have a plot, we can’t complain, right?


The game features fast-paced, responsive controls that are easy to pick up but hard to master. The levels are designed to be difficult, but fair, and players will need to rely on their platforming skills to navigate the various obstacles in their way. There are also power-ups and collectibles to find, which add an extra layer of challenge and replayability to the game.

One of the standout features of Velocity Noodle is its visuals. The game features a bright and colorful art style that is both eye-catching and charming. The levels are well-designed and feature a variety of different obstacles and enemies, each with their own unique look and feel. The game also features a catchy soundtrack that helps to create an immersive and enjoyable experience.

The game can be quite challenging at times, and some players may find the difficulty level to be frustrating – though experienced players will find the game to be relatively short. However, these flaws are relatively minor and do not detract from the overall quality of the game.

Light of Life review (PS4)

Light of Life is a 2D precision platformer game developed by Renan Felipe and published for consoles by Ratalaika. It’s a charming and challenging title that follows the elf protagonist Elanor on a quest to recover all the life fragments stolen by the goblins. With 100 carefully crafted levels full of deadly traps, the game offers a fun and engaging experience for players of all skill levels.


The game’s vibrant and colorful visuals, coupled with precise controls, make for a fun gameplay experience. The art style is cute and retro-inspired, and as you progress through the game, you’ll collect crystals to unlock new outfits for Elanor, adding a layer of customization to the game. Completionist players will also love pursuing the various achievements that the game has to offer – though it’s not too difficult to get to the platinum trophy here.

While the controls are easy to learn, the game’s levels are designed to be challenging and will require players to use their reflexes and precision to progress. With five different worlds to explore, each with its own unique challenges, Light of Life offers a satisfying and rewarding experience that’s easy to pick up but hard to master.

Space Gladiators review (PS4)

Space Gladiators is a 2D hand-drawn roguelite platformer that puts you in the shoes of a gladiator trapped on a faraway planet called Tartarus. Developed by Blobfish and brought to consoles by Seaven Studios, the game features tight and fluid controls that allow players to dodge and fight enemies without taking hits. The game is challenging but rewarding, with high stakes gameplay and a vast variety of randomly generated biomes with deadly traps and monsters blocking your path.

One of the game’s most impressive features is the hundreds of hand-crafted rooms that are randomly picked to make every new run feel unique. In addition, players will have to fight 50+ enemies and 10 bosses to beat with different movesets and attack patterns. With 300+ items including pets, weapons, and trinkets that unlock new abilities for your characters, the game offers a lot of content and replayability. There’s a ton to unlock, and with a combat style not too unlike Hollow Knight it’s good fun to strive for the next unlock.

space gladiators

The game also has eight unique characters that fit different playstyles, with some pretty creative character designs – one of them is literally a potato, adding some weirdness to give the game extra charm. You can also customize your runs by choosing harder paths if you’re feeling confident or easier ones if you’re struggling, reminding us of titles like The Binding of Isaac. The game offers high risk, high reward gameplay that keeps things exciting.

The visuals and audio of the game are full of hand-drawn art that is full of personality, with a soundtrack that is upbeat and adds to the game’s energetic and fun vibe. Space Gladiators is a fun and engaging roguelite platformer that is full of content and variety. The tight and fluid controls and unique characters make for a challenging but rewarding experience, while the hand-drawn visuals and energetic soundtrack add to the game’s charm. The game is an excellent addition to the PlayStation 4 library and we’re glad it was picked up for porting!

Demon Skin review (PS4)

Demon Skin is a dark and challenging action game developed by Ludus Future and ESDigital Games that originally launched on Steam. The premise of the game is that you play as a knight who has been cursed by a demon, and your mission is to find a way to break the curse and restore your humanity. The game takes place in a grim fantasy world filled with dangerous creatures and traps.

The gameplay in Demon Skin is fast-paced, with hack and slash gameplay that requires a bit of skill and precision rather than just button mashing. You have a variety of attacks and combos at your disposal, and you need to time your moves carefully to avoid getting hit by enemies. The game also features a parry system, which allows you to deflect incoming attacks and counterattack. The difficulty of the game is high, and you will die a lot, possibly leading to frustration.

demon skin

The visuals in Demon Skin are well done, with detailed environments and character models. The animations are smooth, and the game features some impressive particle effects. The audio design is also well-done, with atmospheric sound effects and a moody soundtrack that sets the tone for the game.

What hurts the game is that it can feel repetitive at times due to a lack of variety in terms of enemy types and environments, and the story is not particularly engaging either. Demon Skin is a decent action game with challenging combat, but it’s in a very crowded genre with better alternatives out there.

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